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The New England Innovation Awards Are Now The Eddies

LINCOLN, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#NewEngland–The Massachusetts Innovation Network announced today the rebranding of New England Innovation Awards (the oldest and longest running innovation competition in the Northeast) to The Eddies, effective immediately.

The rebranding follows eighteen months of hard work and significant enhancements to the program, and fully aligns with a new brand identity and image that accurately depict the non-profit’s essence, core values, and plans for the future.

“The Eddies” name was selected among many others, for it:

  • reflects a nod to Thomas Edison, and his prolific work (and 1,093 innovation patents!) in a variety of products, industries and sectors, and
  • represents the circular movement of water, counter to a main current, causing a small whirlpool on the surface of the ocean (similar to the ripples caused to any market by the introduction of a ground-breaking product or technology). The swirling motion of eddies causes useful nutrients that are normally found in colder deeper ocean waters to emerge to the surface.

Paying homage to these influences, the new logo is modern and minimalistic, yet classic enough to withstand time; it combines the elements of the whirlpool ripples combined with an innovation-signifying light burst.

Introducing the new name and logo, Sophia Kambanis, Executive Director of Massachusetts Innovation Network said “Building on our 36-year-history and dedication to supporting and recognizing innovative startups, we emphasize our commitment to provide the highest quality of support services to our cohorts, past, present and future. The rebranding brings us to a new age and signals our evolution to address the increased demand of a post-covid innovation explosion. More than ever, we affirm our unwavering commitment to offer an individualized approach to nurturing, honoring and propelling cutting-edge technologies and revolutionary problem solvers.”

For more information, visit www.newenglandinnovation.org and/or email contact@newenglandinnovation.org


Sophia Kambanis, Executive Director of Massachusetts Innovation Network


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