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Brand Impact of Consumer Trust in Voice Calls, Text Messages and RCS

AT&T, Google, iconectiv and Infobip Share Insights During MWC21

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Illegal robocalls, SMS spam and “wangiri” one-ring scams are a global scourge that has conditioned consumers to ignore calls and messages from phone numbers they don’t recognize. They also create significant financial losses for businesses, schools, health care providers and other organizations because important alerts, reminders and other notifications go unanswered, requiring multiple follow-ups. Service providers also bear the cost of investigating and resolving customer complaints.

In a two-part livestream event, MWC21 attendees can learn how the industry is working to rebuild consumer trust in voice calls and SMS while protecting new technologies such as Rich Communication Services (RCS):

  • Part 1: Verifying Voice: What Happens When Consumers Stop Answering Their Phones?

    iconectiv experts will discuss global trends in robocalling and spoofing (types and brand impact) and provide a high-level overview of global regulator actions to mitigate fraud associated with illegal robocalls. As the policy administrator for the world’s first implementation of STIR/SHAKEN—rolling out now in the U.S.—iconectiv will also highlight how new policies, like STIR/SHAKEN, will impact global service providers (including the new requirements for service providers).
  • Part 2: Verifying Text and Messaging: The Role of Mobile Ecosystem Participants

    Texting changed the way we communicate—and now messaging technologies like RCS and innovations with SMS are creating a new target for fraudsters within the messaging channel. iconectiv will bring together industry leaders from AT&T, Google, and Infobip to discuss evolving trust models specific to messaging (SMS and RCS) and what this could mean for consumers, businesses and ecosystem participants.


  • Neil McGrath, Chief Architect for Messaging, AT&T
  • Craig Lennon, Global Partnerships Lead – Business Communications and Infrastructure, Google
  • Silvija Renusa, Senior Product Manager, Infobip
  • Chris Drake, Chief Technology Officer, iconectiv
  • Cliff Holsenbeck, Senior Product Management, Trusted Communications, iconectiv
  • Michael O’Brien, Chief Product Officer, iconectiv


Tuesday, June 29, 2021, 8:15 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. ET


For more information on the session, visit the link here.

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