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Top Saleswoman at Sage Becomes BaCo Tech’s New Senior Sales and Strategy Manager

Terri Edmonds Goes From Sage Accounting to Small Startup

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BaCo Tech is approaching a new sales season as the filing deadline passes, and we thought there would not be a better time to hire a top salesperson than now. That’s why Terri Edmonds was brought onboard this month. Terri has seen the power and benefit of BaCo Tech, and that’s why she is excited to show CPAs how it can improve their workflow and practices.

Terri loves helping people discover passion, grow professionally and personally, while experiencing success. She has spent the majority of the last 10 years in the fin tech industry with a focus on supporting accountants through software and technology, gaining experiences in driving meaningful business outcomes, and cultivating innovation. While business development is her primary job function by day, Terri also enjoys spending time with her growing family and giving back to the community.

Terri will be speaking with our CEO Ford Baker this week at BDO where she talks about how she thought she was helping accountants by telling them how Excel worked with Sage technology. After a CPA showed her what it really meant to “throw everything into Excel” and the kind of time and work that took, she quickly realized her answer was not enough.

Terri was introduced to the BaCo Tech team a while back by Rafael Casas, and in learning about the technology, she became aware that BaCo Tech was the technology CPAs have been waiting for. BaCo Tech doesn’t just work with Excel like other accounting software, but it acts as a middleware transferring real-time information and automating mundane tasks so CPAs can focus on what’s really important: their clients.

“You’re going to buy this technology. It might not be today, but you’re going to buy it.” – Terri Edmonds

Terri saw the value in what BaCo Tech was doing and decided to join us full-time as our Senior Sales and Strategy Manager. We’re grateful to have her on board, and we’re excited to see what she can do for BaCo Tech.


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