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Thnks Announces Over 2 Million Gestures of Appreciation Shared to Date by Business Professionals Through Its Digital Gratitude Platform

Thnks says ‘Thank You’ for sharing gratitude through small, personal, timely gestures of appreciation

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#alwayssaythanks–With a mission to make a habit of gratitude the norm in workplaces nationwide, digital gratitude platform Thnks has now empowered business professionals to send more than 2 million gestures of appreciation to clients and colleagues. Just one year after hitting the 1 million mark, the company has shown exponential growth while helping business professionals strengthen relationships with efficient, personalized and thoughtful appreciation. More than 20,000 Thnks are sent every single week through the company’s platform, which is used by more than 7,500 teams.

“We’re excited to see how small gestures of appreciation are sparking a movement of gratitude across businesses,” said Brendan Kamm, Thnks Co-Founder and CEO. “It took our customers five years to send one million Thnks, and in just one year, they’ve sent a million more. Successful businesses require strong relationships – with your clients, prospects, and your own employees – and gratitude and appreciation are sure ways to develop and strengthen those relationships. That’s why we created Thnks, to reimagine how gratitude is expressed in the business world. I can’t wait to see where this gratitude movement goes in the months and years ahead.”

At its core, Thnks is a relationship-building tool for professionals to support prospecting, client loyalty, shortened sales cycles and improved customer engagement. The company has reinvented the way professionals show gratitude, ditching corporate swag in place of timely, personalized gestures of appreciation that keep the recipient top of mind. The Thnks platform incorporates technology, program analytics and compliance adherence to make sharing gratitude a robust and powerful business tool.

“Seeing our business grow like this is fulfilling in the greater sense, knowing that each person sending a Thnks through our platform is contributing to a more appreciative, grateful business culture. It’s not just about dollars and statistics, this is about letting people know they’re appreciated,” said Brendan Kamm, Co-Founder and CEO.

Learn more about Thnks at www.thnks.com.


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