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Tassat® Adds Fedwire Functionality to Make TassatPay® a One-Stop Shop for B2B Payments

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#B2BpaymentsTassat Group Inc., the leading provider of private blockchain-based, real-time B2B payment solutions for banks, announced today that TassatPay bank clients can now enable their customers to send wire payments utilizing Fedwire directly from the TassatPay Application Programming Interface (API).

“Our clients and their customers have been requesting this Fedwire integration, which effectively makes TassatPay a one-stop shop for all B2B payments,” said Glendy Kam, Director, Product Development, at Tassat. “Now, our clients’ customers can send both instantaneous and secure blockchain-based payments 24/7/365 to other TassatPay accounts at the same bank as well as Fedwires outside the bank, all using the same API. We also automated certain standard data entry requirements for Fedwires, reducing the potential for data entry errors. All of these enhancements enable banks to increase client satisfaction and deepen client relationships.”

The new Fedwire functionality allows users to send outgoing wires through the TassatPay API – automatically passing validation checks on the TassatPay platform. For example, if a real estate manager that uses TassatPay needs to pay a supplier and that supplier is also on TassatPay, the real estate manager can pay the supplier instantaneously and securely using private blockchain-based technology. However, if that supplier does not bank using TassatPay, the real estate manager can generate an outgoing wire to pay the supplier using the bank’s Fedwire system, all within the TassatPay API.

“We wanted to build a bridge between digital, blockchain-based payments and legacy rails like Fedwire to ensure that none of our banks’ clients, no matter how big or small, are left behind in an increasingly digital economy,” said Kevin R. Greene, Tassat’s Chairman and CEO. “While the future of banking will be built on private blockchain technology, we know that our clients and their customers need a bridge to ensure that business goes on uninterrupted while the B2B digital payments space is revolutionized.”

Added Kam, “Banks appreciate that TassatPay is delivered directly to their clients via either a user interface or API, which means the bank is integrated directly into the client’s treasury management system, allowing banks to deliver both secure, real-time payments 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and Fedwire capability in one place. The two capabilities complement each other and enable the bank to capture an increasing share of a client’s banking activity.”

Tassat’s launch of this new Fedwire functionality follows the launch of Smart Contracts on TassatPay, enabling bank clients to access customizable payment logic to make contracting and invoicing more efficient and effective.

About Tassat Group

Tassat Group Inc. is a NY-based technology company that is the leading provider of private blockchain-based, real-time solutions for commercial banks including TassatPay, which enables banks to provide their customers with instantaneous, secure, real-time payments 24/7/365. TassatPay has become the most trusted private, permissioned blockchain-based platform for the banking industry and its B2B customers with over $370 billion in secure, real-time transactions to date. This proven platform provides an on-ramp for banks to begin transitioning from legacy technology to blockchain technology that not only will make existing services, such as payments, more efficient, but also creates opportunities in areas such as smart contracts. Tassat was honored with a 2021 Google Cloud Customer Award for innovation in financial services. For more information, visit us at www.tassatpay.com, on Twitter or on LinkedIn.


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