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sureCore & Intrinsic Announce Collaboration to Bring Novel RRAM Technology to Market

Synergistic development of high-performance embedded RRAM

SHEFFIELD, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–sureCore Limited and Intrinsic Ltd today announced a collaboration agreement to bring high performance embedded RRAM to market.

Intrinsic and sureCore are collaborating to deliver commercial memory solutions using sureCore’s patented memory architectures and Intrinsic’s novel RRAM cell. Using a combination of Intrinsic’s CMOS compatible technology and sureCore’s high-performance, low power memory architectures will enable an accelerated development process and delivery of this new embedded non-volatile memory to be realised. In addition, by exploiting sureCore’s extensive experience with memory compiler design, statistical verification and characterisation this novel RRAM technology will be made readily available to SoC developers looking for next generation high-speed low-power non-volatile embedded memory.

Mark Dickenson, CEO Intrinsic, commented, “Our RRAM technology provides a step change in performance and power metrics compared to existing solutions. Working closely with sureCore memory design experts will allow us to dramatically reduce time-to-market.”

The RRAM technology requires no modifications to FEOL processing and can be readily integrated in a standard BEOL metal stack, significantly easing foundry deployment. Key markets for this technology include the entire microcontroller (MCU) market, IoT, and Edge AI, which are currently hindered by the existing performance constraints associated with Flash.

Mark went on to say, “Scaling challenges with Flash have driven the industry to innovate with new magnetic and resistive solutions aiming to provide high density non-volatile storage. Typically, however, these technologies provide relatively slow access or additional integration challenges. Either way the result is that their content is copied to a standard SRAM before it is used. The holy grail is, of course, a low-power non-volatile memory with the read performance of SRAM and this is now a very realistic possibility with our RRAM.”

Paul Wells, CEO sureCore, said, “I think Intrinsic have created something special here and it’s a privilege for us to be able to work together to bring the technology to market in a timely manner. Our low power SRAM IP expertise will enable us to provide Intrinsic with both design capability and the relevant support infrastructure to enable their RRAM IP to be delivered in industry standard formats.”

About sureCore

sureCore is the low-power innovator who empowers the IC design community to meet aggressive power budgets through a portfolio of ultra-low power memory design services and standard products. sureCore’s low-power engineering methodologies and design flows meet the most exacting memory requirements with a comprehensive product and design services portfolio that create clear market differentiation. The company’s low-power product line encompasses a range of close to near-threshold silicon proven, process-independent SRAM IP.


About Intrinsic

Intrinsic Semiconductor Technologies is a UCL spinout company, established in 2017 to commercialise the novel memristive RRAM devices developed by Prof Tony Kenyon and Dr Adnan Mehonic at UCL Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, using their patented IP. Based in London, Intrinsic Semiconductor Technologies is currently developing commercial prototypes of its new memory devices, with the aim of establishing its proven designs as licensable IP for chip manufacturers.



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