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Seeking.com Cuts the Sugar and Rebrands for Success-Minded Individuals Looking to Date Up

Inspired by his own journey, wedding bells to ring as CEO Brandon Wade finds soulmate and legally waives his right to divorce

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Seeking, the world’s leading upscale dating website, today announced a major rebrand. What started as an elite dating site for finding honest, authentic connections based on success-minded interests has become misrepresented over the years, with the phrase “sugar dating” taking on a more negative, transactional connotation. Through this rebrand, Seeking will ditch the sugar, relaunching as the largest platform for like-minded individuals looking to date up and forge relationships on their own terms.

Like most changes, it starts at the top — with the evolution of Seeking mirroring CEO Brandon Wade’s personal journey. Despite three failed marriages (and a pledge to never marry again), Brandon found his soulmate on his own site, and is now feeling empowered to help Seeking’s more than 36 million users worldwide find the match they desire – whether that’s for travel, adventure, upscale experiences or even love. In fact, Brandon is so confident in the connection he has found, that he will be getting married this spring and is legally waiving his right to divorce.

“When I started Seeking in 2006, my dating life flourished. I was arrogant and openly embraced non-monogamy. But everything changed when I met my soulmate Dana,” said Wade. “The evolution of Seeking now reflects my personal journey. Once the world’s largest sugar dating site, Seeking is the place to find great connections, honesty and relationships on your own terms.”

As Seeking continues to grow, so do the brand’s social responsibility efforts, and its unmatched commitment to keeping its community safe on and offline. Seeking has partnered with UrSafe, FreedomLight and similar groups to make dating safer and work to prevent sex trafficking, while also offering background check verifications for users, two-factor authentication to safeguard information and a dedicated 24-hour customer service department.

Furthermore, the security team uses both AI and human-in-the-loop (humans using AI) technology, in addition to state-of-the-art protection and security monitoring of all profiles. Overseeing more than 2.5 million pieces of content daily, Seeking offers the most sophisticated dating bot detection on the market.

Beyond these efforts, Seeking increased its push for education by launching three content initiatives, ensuring its users are educated on how to date, act and treat others with respect. The strategy includes the Modern Partner Series, safe dating blogs, and extensive social platform development, including, but not limited to, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter.

About Seeking.com

With more than 36 million members worldwide, Seeking.com creates a community where singles are empowered to date up and find relationships on their terms, encouraging upfront and honest communication for an elevated dating experience. Seeking is where attractive and successful people upgrade their lifestyles through open and honest relationships.



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