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ReverseEngineering.com® Fusion 360 “RE App®” for FARO Quantum Max ScanArms and Hexagon (Romer) Absolute Arms RDS 6.0 is Now Released

Shop floors take advantage of new reverse engineering APP to improve shop floor profits

LA JOLLA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ReverseEngineering.com®, the world’s leading CAD/CAM Integrated reverse engineering and 3D scanning software, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest software application. This new Fusion 360 “RE App®” integrates the cloud CAD environment of Fusion 360 with FARO Quantum Max ScanArms and Hexagon (Romer) Absolute arms. This provides engineers with unprecedented features that streamline the UX experience and functionality for reverse engineering, 3D measurement, and 3D scanning software.

Integrating Fusion 360 allows engineers to reverse engineer, inspect, and 3D measure customer parts, die tools, broken parts, and molds with greater ease and accuracy, reducing waste and improving efficiency on the shop floor. Some of the new features of ReverseEngineering.com’s Fusion 360 RE app include:

  • Simplified 3D measurement tools for probed geometry
  • Easier profile extraction for Quality Inspection for tooling, fixtures, and dies
  • Custom alignments for die tool part setup
  • Functionality improvements for Probed Geometry during Alignment and 3D
  • Measurement UX
  • Powerful point cloud processing tools, allowing users to work with large sets of point cloud data with ease

“We are excited to release this latest software application to the market and accelerate the way engineers approach reverse engineering and 3D measurement using the Hexagon (Romer) Absolute and FARO Quantum Max/S + LLP XR/HD,” said Braxton Carter, CEO/President of ReverseEngineering.com. “We are helping metal machine shops create more products faster and increase revenue with this seamless integration.”

ReverseEngineering.com’s Fusion 360 RE also offers seamless integration with a wide range of metrology equipment, including laser scanners, coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), and optical trackers. This software enables engineers to capture high-accuracy 3D scan data and convert it into fully parametric CAD models, all within the same software environment.

“ReverseEngineering.com’s Fusion 360 leapfrogs old workflows in the reverse engineering industry,” said Christiann Moore, Director of ReverseEngineering.com. “We continue to simplify the task of working with massive 3D point clouds so engineers can easily convert 3D scan data into usable CAD models, which can be used to improve efficiency and reduce costs in a wide range of industries.”

ReverseEngineering.com’s Fusion 360 RE allows engineers to quickly and accurately convert 3D scan data into fully parametric Fusion 360 CAD models. Engineers can easily 3D measure against drawings, reverse engineer, and measure parts, dies, tools, and molds with greater accuracy and efficiency, reducing waste and improving productivity on the shop floor.

ReverseEngineering.com’s Fusion 360 RE app is now available for download, and customers can upgrade their software to take advantage of these new features. For more information on this new release and how it can improve shop floor workflow, visit ReverseEngineering.com.

These are only a few of the new features and enhancements in ReverseEngineering.com 2023. For more information and investor opportunities , please visit https://www.ReverseEngineering.com/.

About HighRES, Inc.

About ReverseEngineering.com: Founded in 1996, ReverseEngineering.com, headquartered in La Jolla, California, develops and markets 3D scanning software toolsets that accurately, quickly, and easily manage digitized data from portable and traditional CMMs, laser trackers, and laser scanners into CAD/CAM systems as easily modifiable parametric sketches. Providing what is essentially a universal front end for reverse engineering, they have eliminated the data translation issues usually associated with reverse engineering and related applications. ReverseEngineering.com is an Ansys SpaceClaim partner, PTC Silver Partner, Autodesk Inventor/Fusion 360 certified partner, Solidworks Certified Gold partner, and MasterCam, Kubotek, Onshape, and SIEMENS NX/Solidedge solution partner. Their customers include PENSKE Technology Group, GE Healthcare, U.S. Army Special Forces, Los Alamos Labs, U.S Air Force, and the U.S. Navy. ReverseEngineering.com® is a registered trademark of HighRES, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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