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Predicta’s AI Answers the Question: To Tesla or Not to Tesla?

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Electric Vehicle buyers have an abundance of opinions about Tesla’s brand and products. They share them by the thousands across hundreds of websites every day. How does an EV shopper make sense of it all, especially if they’re brand new to the EV world?

Predicta (www.predicta.com) thought it would be fun to let our AI engine take a crack at it, with no preconceptions, biases, or any idea at what it was even supposed to look at. So we sampled the online EV chatter and let the AI pick out the 50 topics it felt were most relevant. Then, we looked at the strength and type of sentiment for each topic, along with each topic’s frequency. Finally, the topics were sorted based on the difference between Teslas and non-Teslas.

Here’s what Predicta’s AI told us, based on an in-depth analysis of consumer comments across multiple EV websites and other auto-related sites.

Three things Tesla does better

1. Charging: Tesla holds the advantage in both public charging infrastructure and in at-home charging technology

2. Power: The pure acceleration factor still blows Tesla owners away

3. Range: Buyers are happier with Tesla’s range and road tripping ability

Three things Non-Teslas do better

1. Service: Service departments at existing dealerships outperform the current Tesla service experience

2. Safety: Other brands and products are more synonymous with safety

3. Price: With more options on the market, folks are looking at other premium brands and deciding that they offer more bang for the buck

Predicta automates brand and product market intelligence using deep learning AI techniques. Unlike “social listeners” that only tap into Twitter and similar social media to grasp basic consumer sentiment and behavior, Predicta provides in-depth brand and product SWOT analysis – anytime – that keeps pace with market changes. Gain granular insights about your competitors’ products – how your customers think, feel and act. Contact us today at info@predicta.com.


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