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$PENNYBAGS Live on PancakeSwap

Build Your Empire with High-Yield Rewards

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, $PENNYBAGS, a BNB reflection token, announces that it is now live on PancakeSwap. $PENNYBAGS is an exciting new Binance Smart Chain (BCS) cryptocurrency, with unique buyback and burn protocol, that allows you to build your empire with Rich Uncle Pennybags by earning instant rewards on all transactions.


  • Rewards: Earn passive income with 10% BNB rewards simply by holding, deposited automatically every 60 minutes.
  • Security: Liquidity will automatically be locked for one year after the presale, making funds safe for trading and holding.
  • Hyper-Deflationary: $PENNYBAGS functions as a buyback token, allowing variable buybacks that adjust based on volume to help maintain stability on the platform.
  • Token Burns: Execute quarterly token burns to increase the scarcity and value of the remaining tokens in circulation.
  • Farming and Staking: Debuting this fall, farming and staking will expand the opportunity for investors to earn rewards.
  • NFT Gallery: Investors will receive exclusive access to rare NFT collections from world-class artists.
  • Play-to-Earn: $PENNYBAGS will open a virtual Casino with highly-anticipated, monthly Play-to-Earn game drops that will “grow your bag” by rewarding users with tokens for daily engagement.
  • E-Commerce: In the coming months $PENNYBAGS will launch an exclusive merch shop with collaborations from notable designers. Investors will also be able to spend their tokens to pay for goods on Shopify and other worldwide merchants.
  • Marketing Wallet: 5% tax will fuel massive marketing plans to continue engaging influencers and celebrities who will spread the word about Rich Uncle Pennybags’ empire and giveaway grand prizes.
  • Charity: Rich Uncle Pennybags plans to take from the rich and give to children in need around the world through various reputable organizations. The first major donation will be made in 30 days.

For more information on $PENNYBAGS Tokenomics, Roadmap and how to buy, please visit our Website, and join our dynamic community on Telegram and Twitter for the latest updates on upcoming launches, partnerships, events and contests.

Do not “pass go,” do not just “collect $200.” Get your bag ready and roll the dice to build your empire with $PENNYBAGS.


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