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Ohi Partners with EcoCart to Offer Brands a Carbon-Neutral E-Commerce Fulfillment Option

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ohi, the next-generation instant commerce platform that enables brands to meet their customers’ expectations of superfast delivery in under two hours, today announced that it has partnered with EcoCart to offer a carbon-neutral e-commerce fulfillment option to Ohi brand partners and their customers. Through the partnership, merchants that use Ohi’s instant commerce solution can minimize the carbon footprint associated with delivery of their e-commerce orders through the use of carbon offsets.

“Research shows that the vast majority of consumers prefer to do business with eco-friendly companies whenever possible, and we’re absolutely committed to helping our merchant partners reduce the environmental impact of their businesses,” said Ben Jones, Founder and CEO of Ohi. “We’re proud to launch this partnership with EcoCart to offer environmentally friendly, superfast delivery that benefits consumers, helps our brand partners grow their businesses while reducing their carbon footprint, and ultimately supports a healthier planet.”

Ohi’s partnership with EcoCart is enabling both brands and shoppers to help protect the environment by mitigating the impact of their carbon footprint at a moment when consumers are increasingly mindful of the effects of their consumption on the planet. A recent survey by the IBM Institute for Business Value in association with the National Retail Federation found that nearly 80% of consumers consider sustainability important and that nearly 60% are willing to change their shopping habits to be more sustainable. Recent Gartner research found that 73% of millennials prioritize sustainability over price when shopping.

EcoCart’s proprietary technology allows Ohi merchant partners to offer a carbon-neutral order option at checkout. Shoppers who choose that option trigger an automatic donation to an independently verified carbon-offsetting project, capturing or counteracting the harmful effects of the amount of carbon associated with their order delivery. Customers pay nothing extra to make their Ohi deliveries carbon-neutral, while Ohi’s merchant partners can choose to pay a small fee to EcoCart based on the estimated carbon footprint for each delivery. Ohi doesn’t retain any of the fees, which EcoCart contributes directly to a variety of ecological projects across the globe.

Ohi is committed to providing carbon-neutral delivery and continually reducing its platform’s carbon footprint. With traditional e-commerce fulfillment, orders are shipped by plane or ground over long distances, but Ohi’s network of micro-fulfillment centers ensures that e-commerce orders travel only a short distance to arrive at consumers’ doorsteps. Ohi further minimizes its carbon footprint in urban areas by using bike, e-bike, scooter and foot couriers to provide ultrafast delivery. In addition, Ohi encourages the use of eco-friendly, reusable totes for 2-hour and same-day deliveries whenever possible. As part of its commitment to more sustainable local delivery, Ohi will be covering the first month of carbon offsetting for Ohi-fulfilled orders for any brand that wants to try this new service, with no further commitments required.

“Through this integration, Ohi is empowering its brand partners with a win-win option that’s shown to facilitate deeper customer relationships and drive business results, while helping to have a meaningful positive environmental impact by offsetting the unavoidable emissions of shipping their products,” said Peter Twomey, Co-Founder and COO, EcoCart. “We’re thrilled to partner with Ohi to give the company’s merchant network a simple and easy way to sell more sustainably.”

For more information, visit Ohi.com/carbon-neutral-delivery

About Ohi

Ohi is the leading instant commerce solution for direct-to-consumer and enterprise brands looking to grow their business by enabling powerful post-purchase experiences. Leveraging its proprietary, data-driven inventory management technology and robust microwarehouse platform to forward position inventory within city centers, Ohi enables brands to offer a premium, environmentally responsible, instant or scheduled delivery experience to their customers.

About EcoCart

EcoCart is a sustainability technology that enables businesses to calculate and offset the carbon emissions of their operations and then encourages consumers to engage with them through transparent and authentic front-end experiences. By vetting and partnering with various projects and organizations, such as forest protection and building clean energy sources, EcoCart determines the amount of each carbon offsetting activity needed to counteract specific amounts of carbon emissions and then matches the cost of doing so with each order’s amount of emissions. EcoCart then empowers brands to leverage their offsetting initiatives into their customer experience through cart, landing page, banner, and other on and off-site experiences. Sustainability is now a driving factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions. That’s why 2000+ brands such as APL, Siete Foods, and Ancient Nutrition use EcoCart.


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