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Home Business Wire Luxembourg’s Supercomputer MeluXina is Operational

Luxembourg’s Supercomputer MeluXina is Operational

LUXEMBOURG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Luxembourg’s high performance computer MeluXina was officially launched on June 7 putting the country on the global map of computer super powers. MeluXina is capable of executing more than 10 Petaflops, the equivalent of 10 million billion calculations per second, which will rank it among the world’s top 50 supercomputers. The petascale computer is powered by green energy and is part-funded under the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking.

In a series of 8 high-performance computers in the EU, MeluXina joins Vega, another petascale supercomputer located in Slovenia, as the first EuroHPC machines to go live. Its innovative modular architecture allows MeluXina to serve a large variety of complex, data-driven computational workloads. It is capable of addressing compute-intensive modelling and simulation applications as well as complex high performance data analytics and AI workloads.

While most HPC’s have been designed as pure research infrastructures, MeluXina stands out on the global level for its business orientation and is available for use by start-ups and SMEs as well as large international groups. Both on Luxembourg and European level, MeluXina can serve level all types of user groups across the full range of the research and innovation spectrum.

“Our goal is to make supercomputing accessible to all. We have set up a national HPC competence centre that provides operational support and training for users. The Ministry of the Economy also has R&D and innovation funding instruments to support HPC projects. We will help businesses have the right tools to seize the opportunities of the data economy”, underlined Luxembourg’s Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot at the inauguration of ceremony which took place in the presence of HRH Grand Duke Henri. The Minister also pointed out that MeluXina has been designed as a highly secure infrastructure that guarantees the full confidentiality of all data processed.



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