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Juniper Research: Mobile Messaging Leaderboard Reveals New Competitor Line-up

BASINGSTOKE, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#instantmessagingmarketshare–A study from Juniper Research has ranked Infobip as the leading service provider in the mobile messaging space. It employed Juniper Research’s new Competitor Leaderboard tool to assess each vendor’s capacity and capability, and their product positioning, including the size of their operations, financial performance and the sophistication of their messaging solutions.

The Competitor Leaderboard identified the five leading mobile messaging platforms as follows:

  1. Infobip
  2. Twilio
  3. CM.com
  4. Route Mobile
  5. Kaleyra

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Juniper Research’s new Competitor Leaderboard provides an independent assessment of the market standing of the leading players. It includes a robust and transparent assessment methodology, including heatmap analysis and a thorough explanation of each company’s market position. To find out more click here.

Support of OTT Messaging Channels Essential for Established Leaders

All the leading players scored highly in Juniper Research’s assessment of the sophistication of their messaging platforms. Support for established technologies, such as SMS and email, is now ubiquitous amongst messaging vendors. The research highlighted vendors’ ability to swiftly integrate emerging messaging channels into their platforms as key to distinguishing their services from competitors. In turn, leading vendors will establish their position in the space by offering their customers the chance to benefit from the more comprehensive messaging formats, such as OTT channels and social media messaging, in addition to SMS.

Research author Scarlett Woodford remarked: “As messaging product portfolios become increasingly uniform across messaging vendors, support for new and emerging technologies will be instrumental in providing a differentiation point for leading players in a progressively more crowded space.”

Further Acquisitions Expected

The report predicts that mergers and acquisitions will continue to characterise the messaging space. Whilst recent acquisitions, such as Infobip’s purchase of Open Market in 2020, have been driven by the need to accelerate the reach of services, the report identified the wider need for services that immediately add value to messaging offerings, such as payments capabilities that support in-app payments over rich media formats.

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