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Industry Leader, Cyber Defense Magazine, Awards Calix ProtectIQ for Best in Anti-Phishing, Network Security, and Management for Helping Broadband Providers Protect Subscribers From Millions of Digital Threats

As cybersecurity concerns intensify globally and experts warn that the U.S. is more at risk of cyberattacks than it was five years ago, ProtectIQ in Calix Revenue EDGE Suites enables even the smallest broadband service providers to bring advanced home network cybersecurity to all subscribers, blocking millions of digital threats

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) announced today that ProtectIQ® home network cybersecurity, a key offering in Calix Revenue EDGE Suites (EDGE Suites)—a component of the Calix Revenue EDGE platform—won the Cyber Defense Magazine 2022 Global InfoSec Award for “Best in Anti-Phishing, Network Security, and Management.” The award, which honors the top 10 percent of the cybersecurity industry, recognizes ProtectIQ for enabling broadband service providers (BSPs) of all sizes to stop web threats, intrusions, malware, and viruses from entering home networks. A recent Washington Post poll revealed that many cyber experts believe the U.S. is more vulnerable to cyberattacks today than it was five years ago. The U.S. president also recently warned consumers to take the initiative to protect themselves from cyberattacks. A record number of BSPs across North America leveraging Revenue EDGE are stepping up to offer ProtectIQ to all subscribers as a critical part of their managed Wi-Fi offerings. As a result, they are further differentiating themselves as market leaders and growing their businesses. So far in 2022, BSPs deployed ProtectIQ to 210 percent more subscribers and blocked millions of digital threats from entering their home networks.

Subscribers access ProtectIQ through the BSP’s subscriber-facing mobile app, CommandIQ®, which BSPs can customize with their brand. The app sends push notifications and reports on threats blocked directly to the palm of the subscriber’s hand. This reinforces the value BSPs provide daily and increases subscriber loyalty. Multiple Calix customers across North America proactively secure their communities against digital threats while growing their business and trust in their brands. For example:

  • ALLO offers ProtectIQ to all subscribers, increasing customer lifetime value by 53 percent in a year. ALLO Communications recently announced it offers ProtectIQ to all subscribers across Nebraska, Colorado, and Arizona in response to the increased digital dangers worldwide. ALLO blocked tens of thousands of digital threats from entering homes and businesses last month. Calix Customer Success Services and ALLO created a playbook to increase subscriber use of ProtectIQ. As a result, ALLO’s brand reputation continues to grow. Thanks to deeper subscriber relationships, ALLO saw a 53 percent increase in both the average subscriber tenure and the customer lifetime value in less than a year.
  • MEC blocks 16,000+ monthly digital threats and increases revenue by 13 percent in seven months. Midwest Energy & Communications (MEC) is an 85-year-old company founded as a cooperative to introduce electricity to completely unserved communities. MEC is advancing that mission today by partnering with Calix to deliver more than essential broadband connectivity to its subscribers across Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. As a result, MEC increased revenue by 13 percent in the past seven months and now blocks more than 16,000 monthly digital threats with ProtectIQ. In addition, MEC is preparing to roll out Arlo Secure connected cameras to secure subscribers’ homes for additional peace of mind.
  • Norvado increases margins by 400 percent in 12 months. Two years ago, Wisconsin-based Norvado launched Apex Managed Wi-Fi built on Revenue EDGE. Using data and behavioral insights delivered through Calix Marketing Cloud, the marketing team created targeted managed Wi-Fi service bundles to offer ProtectIQ to meet subscribers’ varying needs. As a result, Norvado achieved an incredible 99 percent adoption of their Apex Managed WIFI service among new subscribers, boosting margins by 400 percent in just 12 months.
  • Four States Fiber blocks 196 percent more threats per user than three months ago. Arkansas-based Four States Fiber is focused on constantly improving its subscriber experience. They recently introduced innovative, differentiated security services using turnkey offerings like ProtectIQ. Part of that experience is keeping the subscriber’s network safe while online. With GigaSpire® BLAST systems—integrated with EDGE Suites—included in subscribers’ homes, Four States Fiber blocks thousands of digital threats a month from entering their subscribers’ networks.

“When we started our fiber-to-the-home project, the customer experience was our top priority,” said Marty Allen, general manager at Four States Fiber. “Part of that experience is keeping the subscriber’s network safe while online. So we partnered with Calix to ensure ProtectIQ was included for every home we installed with a GigaSpire BLAST. So far this year, ProtectIQ has blocked thousands of web threats, malware, intrusions, and viruses from our subscribers’ home networks. With our SmartNet Wi-Fi app, built on CommandIQ, subscribers receive notifications and have access to reports on the digital threats blocked by ProtectIQ, further reinforcing the value our services deliver.”

Other services in EDGE Suites include advanced parental controls from ExperienceIQ, which has seen a 178 percent increase in subscriber use since the beginning of the year, and connected home camera security systems (Arlo Secure). This summer, Calix is launching two new services—social media monitoring (Bark) and connected device protection (Servify Care).

“By offering ProtectIQ to secure home networks, BSPs can demonstrate that protecting subscribers is not an option—it is a responsibility,” said Matt Collins, executive vice president of commercial operations and chief marketing officer at Calix. “ProtectIQ delivers a critical service that empowers subscribers with important information and gives them more control of their home network security. Government leaders and cyber experts continue to sound the alarm and encourage people to protect themselves against a long list of digital threats. For many, it is difficult to know exactly how to solve these complex issues. The number of connected devices in the home continues to grow, and many subscribers don’t understand how to secure their entire network. Local service providers are perfectly positioned to step in and fill this need in their communities with ProtectIQ. By embracing the power of the Revenue EDGE platform, with the GigaSpire BLAST system and EDGE Suites, BSPs can easily and continuously introduce critical new services like network security, and go to market with an expanded value proposition. More importantly, they can demonstrate to their subscribers that they actually care about their well-being.”

Learn more about how BSPs are protecting their subscribers from increased digital threats with ProtectIQ in Revenue EDGE Suites.

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