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How to Detect and Protect Against One-Ring “Wangiri” Fraud

iconectiv to share insights at the 2021 Telco Transformation LATAM Digital Summit on September 21 at 10:05 am ET

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For illegal robocallers, the goal isn’t always getting you to answer. Sometimes, it’s getting you to call back. That’s the intent of the one-ring scam. Known as “Wangiri,” a Japanese word for “one ring and cut,” it is a global scourge creating an illegal $1.82 billion industry, making it one of the top five communications fraud types. It targets unassuming victims by intentionally hanging up after one ring, hoping they will call back. If they do, the call is charged at a premium rate, usually equivalent to an international toll call even if the number appears local.




As part of Conecta Latam’s Telco Transformation Digital Summit and Virtual Expo, iconectiv’s Juan Carlos Ortiz, Principal for Corporate Business Development, will explore how iconectiv’s TruNumber Protect helps telephone companies enhance their call-blocking analytics by proactively identifying calls from high-risk and unallocated number ranges and suspicious premium-rate numbers. Featuring a comprehensive database of 245 ISO country codes, TruNumber Protect provides telephone companies with the information they need to simply and seamlessly identify illegitimate calls so they can proactively block calls before they reach customers.




Ortiz is responsible for contributing to the continued product evolution within the iconectiv TruNumber platform. With over 34 years’ experience in the telecommunications sector performing work for customers worldwide, his expertise has focused on the analysis of the financial feasibility and risk profile of new communications service provider programs across a broad spectrum of domain areas.




September 21-23, 2021




Telco Transformation LATAM 2021 will be held virtually. Free registration for operators and regulators via the link here. Others who wish to attend, visit the link here.

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