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Halo with Cesar Millan Announces Halo OS2

Halo optimizes GPS precision across a broader range of environments, makes refining boundaries more intuitive, automates indoor/outdoor settings, enhances training tools, and gives customers on-demand access to live online video support

PLANO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#cesarmillan–Halo with Cesar Millan, developers of the world’s most advanced pet safety and training technology, announces the release of Halo OS2. Halo OS2 is Halo’s most comprehensive operating system update since the company launched sales last year. Designed to make the smart system even more user-friendly and collaborative, Halo OS2 includes a new virtual dog park in addition to significant refinement of existing smart features.

To address the unique needs of Halo’s more than 25,000 users in diverse geographies, the company remotely analyzed the performance of its product across its customers’ various environments and made major enhancements to optimize performance. Additionally, Halo worked closely with its customer base to better understand their priorities as they use the Halo Go Anywhere Wireless Fence. Available through the Halo app, Cesar Millan’s expert training course now includes even more interactive features, allowing users to maximize their success using the Halo Collar.

“Dogs deserve both freedom and safety. We are committed to ensuring that every user and every dog has an excellent experience with Halo,” said Ken Ehrman, Halo Co-Founder, “We’ve created a virtual dog park, where customers can get on-demand access to live online video support every day and group training every week—and we’ve built a very engaged community that actively provides feedback to help us continuously improve Halo.”

Halo OS2 provides greater GPS precision with enhanced audible and tactile feedback that keeps dogs safely within their boundaries. Halo is the only technology in the industry that automatically downloads daily satellite updates to improve GPS accuracy. In addition, Halo OS2’s enhanced indoor/outdoor detection system ensures boundary feedback is only given outdoors.

Halo’s motion sensors and compass are now better than ever at detecting the direction a dog is facing, and whether or not they are moving. This helps the collar give feedback at the exact moment a dog needs it, but not when they don’t.

Expanded protection and warning zones use preventions and encouragements to keep dogs even more safe, with protection zones that extend 300 feet past the boundary of a Halo fence. Even beyond the protection zone, the Halo uses encouragement prompts to help guide dogs home if they wander outside the zone.

Halo OS2 also improves training by allowing users to adjust the range of their Halo Beacons, which are used to encourage dogs to stay out of indoor and outdoor areas, such as the kitchen, garbage cans or flower beds.

“Halo really listens to their customers and takes action to improve the performance and features of the Halo Collar,” stated Halo customer, Jamie Hayes, “These recent updates have made GPS even more precise—knowing that my dog is safe and I can see where he is in split-second time is worth its weight in gold.”

Halo continues to invest in expanding the features and capabilities of the Halo system and products. The company has more than doubled its development resources and has a long list of exciting features on the horizon, including the ability to share fences with other Halo users, adding a fence within a fence (to add a fence around a pool within a garden, for example), enhanced activity tracking with pet parent vs. dog activity to allow for exercise off leash, consistent multi-day battery life and more.

Halo OS2 will be automatically downloaded to every Halo customer with the rollout beginning Tuesday, Aug 24, 2021.

Halo is committed to helping dogs live their best lives. The Halo Go Anywhere Wireless Fence gives dogs the freedom to live a life off-leash, while giving pet parents the peace of mind of knowing that their dogs are safely in the boundaries set for them—in their yards and anywhere they go together.

About Halo

The Halo Collar is the newest smart system & dog safety must-have. Co-founded by Cesar Millan, this smart system utilizes proprietary technology & dog psychology to provide a wireless smart fence, smart training, GPS tracker and activity tracker combined into one easy-to-use smart collar. The Halo Collar utilizes proprietary GPS and GNSS location tracking – keeping them safe and easy to locate should they ever wander too far.

For further information and to purchase, please visit: www.halocollar.com


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