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Govini Chairman and 32nd Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work to Receive Peace Through Strength Award at 2021 Reagan National Defense Forum

ARLINGTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute will be honoring Robert Work, the 32nd Deputy Secretary of Defense and Govini Chairman, at the 2021 Reagan National Defense Forum. Secretary Work will receive the Ronald Reagan Peace Through Strength Award, which recognizes those who have applied, with constant purpose, a strategy to strengthen our armed forces, support our military men and women striving around the world, reinforce our nation’s defense systems and safeguard the lives and interests of the American people.

During Secretary Work’s illustrious career serving in the Marines, his time in the Pentagon as Deputy Secretary of Defense, and throughout his tenure as an executive and board member of leading private organizations, he has unwaveringly championed the role of innovation and emerging technologies in national security. Secretary Work has been instrumental in furthering the DoD’s adoption of technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, and decision science.

“It is an honor to be a recipient of the Ronald Reagan Peace Through Strength Award,” said Secretary Work. “While we have made great strides to maintain advantage over pacing threats of China and Russia, there is still much left to accomplish in order to protect and grow our technological lead in this long-term strategic competition. Nations that can quickly adopt a culture of innovation and adaptation in the current ‘technological tsunami’ will have an enormous advantage over their peers.”

It is through the conception of capability frameworks such as the “Third Offset Strategy” that Govini and other companies from innovation hubs outside of the beltway have come to better understand and focus on the DoD’s national security mission.

Arthur Patterson, founder of storied Silicon Valley investment firm Accel and Govini board member, commented, “Bob’s views of emerging technologies and his focus on their real-world application to national security challenges are textbook examples of how to bridge the divide between traditionally risk-averse defense cultures and the dynamic, disruptive companies developing the technologies. Increasing the collaboration between these two poles of our nation’s innovation base, as Bob has done so well, will continue to create opportunities for innovators.”

The Reagan National Defense Forum is America’s premier gathering for defense and national security experts. Each year, the forum brings together leaders from across the political spectrum and key stakeholders in the defense community. Their mission is to review and assess policies that strengthen America’s national defense in the context of the global threat environment and to discuss how the United States can lead the world in an era of increasingly complex challenges and opportunities.

About Govini:

Govini is a Decision Science company whose mission is to advance U.S. competitiveness through dynamic data and machine learning.

Govini’s National Security Knowledge Graph and Decision Science Platform are used at scale across the national security sector of the U.S. federal government. These capabilities enable leaders to better direct investments to innovation and modernization, balance mission portfolios to reflect agency priorities, and achieve superior financial and mission outcomes.

With Govini, government analysts, program managers, and decision makers gain unprecedented visibility into the companies, capabilities, and capital in national security to solve challenges pertaining to Supply Chain & Logistics, Resourcing & Reform, Technology & Innovation, and the Defense Industrial Base.


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