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Defenseforce Brings Automation to CMMC; Enables CMMC Practitioners, Assessors, and Defense Contractors to Generate Initial GAP Analysis in Less Than 24 Hours

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Defenseforce, Inc. today launched HEADSTART™ 2.0, an automated solution that simplifies the first step in any CMMC assessment. HEADSTART 2.0 uses smart questionnaire technology, inferencing, and multi-dimensional logic to assess IT environments and identify the actions necessary to meet the desired level of CMMC compliance.

“The CMMC assessment and certification process can seem daunting at the outset,” said Daniel W. Berger, CEO and co-founder of Defenseforce. “Many defense contractors are asking themselves ‘where do I begin?’ We developed HEADSTART 2.0 to be a logical, easy and inexpensive first step.”

HEADSTART 2.0 provides a holistic overview of an individual organization as it relates to the CMMC maturity model before any formal assessment work begins. Users answer a short questionnaire that automatically generates a “current state” evaluation, gap analysis, and relative risk rating by domain. The deliverables also include a draft, editable version of the self-assessment/score that is required for submission to SPRS.

These reports help estimate the amount of time, effort, and resources required to achieve CMMC certification upfront. As such, CMMC practitioners and assessors will find it invaluable as well. Finally, for prime contractors with dozens if not hundreds of subs, HEADSTART 2.0 allows them to evaluate the state of CMMC maturity across a large cohort using a consistent and efficient methodology.

“Our team has decades of experience conducting cybersecurity assessments. While HEADSTART 2.0 is enabled by some cool technology, it was 100% built on real world experience,” added Berger. “Going forward, we are adding AI and machine learning algorithms so that the solution will continuously improve on itself.”

Based in Santa Barbara, CA, Defenseforce was founded by members of the former executive team at Redspin, Inc., a division of Cynergistek (NYSE AMERICAN: CTEK). Under their leadership, Redspin became a nationally recognized expert in healthcare cybersecurity, conducting HIPAA risk assessments for >150 hospitals and thousands of ambulatory clinics and business associates. For more information, please visit https://www.defenseforce.com.


Daniel W. Berger

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