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Home Business Wire De Nora to acquire UV Technologies Division from Calgon Carbon Corporation

De Nora to acquire UV Technologies Division from Calgon Carbon Corporation

Deal includes Hyde GUARDIAN®, RAYOX®, SENTINEL® and C3 SERIES UV, combining the capabilities of both organizations to meet exponential demand for advanced water treatment technologies

PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–De Nora, a global leader in the delivery of sustainable technologies, has today announced the acquisition of the UV Technologies Division (“CCUV”) from Calgon Carbon Corporation. The deal includes municipal and industrial water ultraviolet disinfection brands RAYOX, SENTINEL and C3 SERIES UV, as well as the products, brands and assets of Hyde Marine, a world leader in UV ballast water management systems.

The acquisition, which was signed on June 7 and is expected to close on July 1, brings together the strong delivery track record, expertise and capabilities of De Nora and CCUV.

De Nora Water Technologies CEO Dr. Mirka Wilderer commented, “We are thrilled about this acquisition! It positions us to offer a complete range of solutions across the disinfection spectrum, for both regulated and non-regulated water management. CCUV Technologies enhances the value we deliver to our customers by offering solutions that are ideal for their unique water treatment needs. This supports our mission to be a partner of choice in the water treatment market.”

CCUV introduced one of the first advanced oxidation processes (AOP) UV systems to the market. UV AOP technology is capable of treating several contaminants that are not easily removed by other technologies. The acquisition will allow De Nora to accelerate worldwide efforts to combat these contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) and “forever chemicals” increasingly found in water supplies alongside its Capital Controls® ozone AOP solutions. Mitigation strategies are not one-size-fits all for notorious contaminants like chlorinated alkenes (DCE, TCE, PCE), 1,4-dioxane, vinyl chloride, NDMA and many others. CCUV brings to De Nora their extensive expertise and an innovative treatment algorithm to optimize the design of large-scale UV AOP treatment systems.

In the marine market, the acquisition will help stop the dispersal of invasive living species into new habitats via ballast water carried by commercial shipping vessels. The acquisition brings UV ballast water treatment to the De Nora portfolio. With their existing BALPURE® electrochlorination (EC) ballast water management system, De Nora will become one of the few global enterprises offering both UV and EC technologies in the marine market. This capability comes key at a time when the industry faces unprecedented demand for high quality water treatment technologies required to meet the International Maritime Organization’s Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC).

Paolo Dellachà, CEO of De Nora, enthusiastically welcomed CCUV as he expressed that, “the synergies between the two businesses are very strong – each brings exceptional experience, strong track records, similar value propositions and well-aligned market channels. Both CCUV and De Nora are known for their emphasis on innovation and market development. I eagerly await the opportunity to meet the talented and expert colleagues who will be joining us from CCUV in the coming weeks.”

Until and after transaction closing, CCUV will continue to maintain normal operations towards customers and suppliers. For questions or concerns, please reach out directly to your normal business contacts.


About De Nora

De Nora is a global provider of sustainable technologies and a partner of choice for industrial electrochemical processes and water and wastewater treatment solutions since 1923. Driven by a philosophy of continual improvement, De Nora delivers highly innovative electrodes, electrochemical systems, advanced filtration, and disinfection technologies to solve the most challenging applications for public health, municipal, marine, industrial water/wastewater treatment needs. Today, De Nora is committed to developing unconventional solutions to address the Energy Transition toward decarbonization, the hydrogen economy, ensuring clean water for all. More than 1,600 people provide the energy and expertise to fuel this exciting journey. https://www.denora.com

About Calgon Carbon

Calgon Carbon, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kuraray Co., Ltd. (TYO: 3405) (Kuraray), is a global leader in the manufacture and/or distribution of innovative coal-, wood- and coconut-based activated carbon products – in granular, powdered, pelletized and cloth form – to meet the most challenging purification demands of customers throughout the world.

Calgon Carbon provides purification solutions for more than 700 distinct applications, including drinking water, wastewater, pollution abatement, and a variety of industrial and commercial manufacturing processes.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Calgon Carbon employs approximately 1,400 people and operates 20 manufacturing, reactivation, innovation and equipment fabrication facilities in the U.S., Asia, and in Europe, where Calgon Carbon is known as Chemviron.

Calgon Carbon was acquired by Kuraray in March of 2018. With complementary products and services, the combined organization will continue to focus on providing the highest quality and most innovative activated carbon and filtration media products, equipment, and services to meet customer needs anywhere in the world. For more information, visit calgoncarbon.com.


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