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BreachBits Announces Agreement Between SentryMark and Nippon Telematique for Distribution of BreachRisk™ Solutions in Japan

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BreachBits, Inc. announced a reseller partnership between SentryMark, Inc. and Nippon Telematique, Inc. (NTI) to distribute BreachRisk™ solutions in Japan.

BreachBits delivers attack surface monitoring (ASM) and automated penetration testing solutions that are powered by their BreachRisk Platform. Built by U.S. military cyber warfare veterans, the BreachRisk Platform leverages AI and automation to provide cyber risk assessments from an attacker’s perspective at scale. These solutions empower organizations to find, verify and test the threats in their environment before attackers can exploit them.

Built with non-technical users in mind, BreachRisk solutions synthesize their results into a powerful and accurate BreachRisk Score that can be used to communicate risk to senior decision-makers or non-technical audiences. BreachRisk can also be used to test an organization’s supply chain and 3rd party business partners without the need for deploying costly and hard-to-find security experts. Customers interact with BreachRisk solutions through an intuitive user interface and can automatically generate reports when customers need them. Additionally, more detailed technical reporting in Japanese can be provided by NTI as an option, thanks to this powerful new partnership between SentryMark and NTI.

BreachBits CEO John Lundgren describes the importance of evaluating risk from an attacker’s perspective, saying, “the best way to know your risk of a data breach is to ask an attacker. For our customers, we provide them with the perspective of an attacker, so they can know for sure what that risk is. Then, we test the threats we find to eliminate false positives and deliver results our customers can trust.”

Lundgren also shared his excitement for this new partnership, adding, ”SentryMark and NTI share our passion for democratizing access to advanced security testing and accurate risk assessments, and we are pleased to reaffirm our partnership today.”

Misaaki Miyazono, President at NTI, stated, “we at NTI are very excited to be able to provide BreachRisk, a cutting-edge SaaS with a proven track record worldwide, to the Japan market through this agreement with SentryMark. Based on our corporate philosophy of ‘thinking through what is good for our customers,’ we are confident that by incorporating it into our portfolio, we will be able to provide new options for ensuring efficient security of corporate networks and play a part in strengthening security.”

SentryMark CEO, Albert Vasquez, remarked, “We are thrilled in our partnership with Nippon Telematique, Inc. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and services to address the growing cybersecurity challenges in the Japanese market. With BreachBits’ BreachRisk ASM capabilities, SentryMark enhances Japan’s portfolio of tools to combat cybersecurity threats.”

About Nippon Telematique Inc.

Nippon Telematique Inc. (NTI) was established in 1985 as a fifty-fifty investment between Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) and ITOCHU Corporation. For more than 30 years, NTI has been providing optimal digital solutions to customers as a customer information and communications system partner, leveraging NTT’s information and communications and network technologies and ITOCHU’s sales and information gathering capabilities.


About SentryMark Inc.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California with an office in Tokyo, SentryMark combines decades of extensive global cybersecurity experience with advanced AI-based technologies. SentryMark collaborates with the best-in-class talent, technologies, and partnerships to provide tailored advanced solutions to help clients move past outdated, siloed cyber defense with advanced solutions built for the modern world.

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About BreachRisk

The BreachRisk™ Platform provides accurate and verifiable cyber risk ratings and insights for organizations your business cares about, regardless of size or budget. Powered by automated penetration testing as a service (PTaaS) technology, businesses have access to attack surface discovery & monitoring, cloud environment risk assessments, social engineering testing and dark web monitoring – all from a single solution. Enterprises can monitor verifiable risks across their subsidiaries, business units and vendors in one solution.

About BreachBits

BreachBits was founded by US Military and Intelligence Community veterans on a mission to keep organizations a step ahead of attackers. They launched their BreachRisk Platform in 2021.

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