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Anova Partners With NeOnc Technologies To Bring NEO100 to Patients With IDH1 Mutated Gliomas

  • AnovaOS™ has been used to design, manage and deliver an early access program for NEO100;
  • AnovaOS™ will be used to support patient identification and enrolment to clinical trials through just-in-time approach.

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#anova–Anova Enterprises, Inc. (Anova), an organization dedicated to accelerating promising treatments to market with its transformative AnovaOS™ technology platform, and the industry’s first collaborative ‘learning system’, today announced a partnership with the NeOnc Technologies, Inc. (NeOnc) to accelerate the development of NEO100 for patients with IDH1 mutated gliomas.

NeOnc is a developer of a novel molecular technology that provides enhanced targeted delivery of therapeutics for the treatment of CNS-based diseases. As part of the partnership, Anova will support patient identification and access to NEO100 clinical trials, and when clinical trials are not an option for patients with IDH1 mutated Glioma, early access for compassionate use will be supported.

The just-in-time activation and enrolment model is delivering treatment to eligible patients in five days.

“Our partnership with NeOnc is another example of Anova’s commitment to improving access to promising new treatments for patients in need, in diseases where patients are often left with limited treatment options,’ said Martin Walsh, President at Anova. ‘AnovaOS™ is designed to allow rare and orphan disease populations to access the right treatment wherever they choose to receive care.’

“We look forward to working with Anova, and helping to accelerate development efforts of NEO100. Results of studies of NEO100 for patients with IDH1 mutations are promising, and our partnership with Anova will help accelerate the delivery of further research programs in readiness for a regulatory submission,” said Dr Thomas Chen, MD, PhD, Chief Executive and Chief Scientific Officer of NeOnc.


About Anova

Anova Enterprises, Inc. (Anova) is accelerating clinical development with a technology platform (AnovaOS™) that brings participants in the clinical research process together to speed promising new treatments to market, at reduced cost and for a larger number of patients. We kickstart the development of new treatments through standardization and automation as no one else can do.


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About NeOnc

NeOnc Technologies, Inc. (NeOnc) is a medical biotechnology company focused on creating novel delivery methods for pharma-based therapeutics that target Brain and Central Nervous System (CNS) diseases. Founded in 2008, the company has developed a unique molecular wrapper technology that can effectively transport therapeutics directly to the brain without the normal boundary restrictions imposed by the body’s Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB). As a result, pharma companies that may have had limited success with their CNS therapeutics because of current delivery restrictions will now be able to provide patients with far more effective treatments.




Martin Walsh

Anova Enterprises, Inc.

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