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Home Business Wire Titan Comics Dives Into NFTs with Nouns DAO and 4K Protocol

Titan Comics Dives Into NFTs with Nouns DAO and 4K Protocol

Leading Global Publisher, Titan Comics, Collaborates with the Nouns DAO and 4K Protocol to Bring Nouns-Inspired Comic Books to the Blockchain via Physically-Backed NFTs

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#comicbookTitan Comics, the publishers of Batman, Doctor Who, Family Guy, Superman, and Star Wars comic books, alongside Adam Fortier of ComicsDAO are launching a comic series based on Nouns NFTs called “Nouns: Nountown.” The comic books will be printed in April and then sent to 4K to get securely vaulted, and an NFT is minted to represent ownership of the physical copy. Owners are able to redeem the NFT for the physical comic at any time via 4K. With two unique NFT cover collections, readers can enjoy quality content and collect a piece of web3 history.

The series will be written by Titan Comics’ Senior Editor David Leach and drawn by Danny Schlitz, known for his work with Disney, Marvel, Netflix, Warner Brothers, and more. Minting passes for the comic books are now live.

Nouns is an NFT collection, whose owners are part of Nouns DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization. Each Noun NFT is a little figure that has been algorithmically generated and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. One Noun is trustlessly auctioned every 24 hours and the proceeds go straight to the DAO. Because Nouns artwork is in the public domain, anyone can propose projects that utilize the intellectual property. Like Kickstarter, Nouns holders can vote on whether to fund the project or not. Some notable projects that have already been funded include a Budweiser commercial during the Super Bowl, a parade float in the 2023 Rose Parade, and creating glasses for children in need.

“As a comic book industry veteran of over 25 years, I see lots of potential in utilizing comics to generate constant content to keep the Nouns community engaged. We can also bring Nouns to the mass market, which gives Nouns and web3 more credibility while expanding the community,” says Adam Fortier.

There will be two pre-sales that the community can participate in. The first is called the Mosaic collection and allows readers to collect six issues and combine them into one large image for the NFT. The Generative cover collection shuffles Nouns, assets, bodies, and expressions so owners can truly customize their covers. There will also be 25 blank covers where the artist will custom draw on the physical book whatever the owner requests. Both collections will have 420 physical copies that are printed and stored with 4K, along with a unique NFT showing a video of the printing, assembly, and number edition of each copy.

Nouns co-creator 4156, an anonymous cryptocurrency entrepreneur, said, “Bringing Nouns to the world of traditional comics allows us to connect with an entirely different audience, one that’s used to physical collectibles. Merging NFTs and physical collectibles is a way to bring these audiences together using the most exciting features of each medium.”

Not only will these comic books be sold via the minting pass, but also in bookstores like Barnes & Noble and comic book stores. Every purchase will have the right to vote on certain aspects of the series like the story concept, writer, and Nouns that are featured. In the near future, owners will be able to tap into DeFi with their NFTs.

“We couldn’t be more excited to work with the Nouns community, Titan Comics, and ComicsDAO. As their secure vaulting partner, it’s more important than ever to bridge the gap between physical and digital––allowing seamless trading and permissionless global transfer in the world of collectibles. Bringing comic books on-chain will solve a lot of the problems that currently plague the market: high middlemen fees, fraud, and access,” says Richard Li, CEO of 4K.

ABOUT 4K.com

4K.com is a decentralized protocol that enables anyone to bring real-world assets on-chain as a physically-backed token. By securely storing physical assets and issuing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are redeemable for those assets, 4K empowers companies and individuals alike to seamlessly and confidently buy and sell authenticated assets. For more information, please visit https://4k.com/.


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