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Stacklet’s New Intelligent Communications Capabilities Help Organizations Accelerate Cloud Adoption Through Governance as Code

Stacklet Platform, based on Cloud Custodian, now enables DevSecOps and FinOps teams to resolve governance issues faster through better collaboration and communication

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AWS re:Invent (booth #259) – Stacklet, developers of the industry-first cloud governance as code platform based on the open source Cloud Custodian project, announced new intelligent communication capabilities within Stacklet Platform to accelerate collaboration and conformance with organizational cost, operational, security, and compliance policies. Stacklet Platform automatically groups related notifications, routes to the right stakeholders, and integrates with existing workflows and collaboration tools to resolve governance issues faster and rapidly adapt to changing organizational policies.

As organizations accelerate usage of cloud-based services, businesses can be exposed to potential security breaches, budget overruns, compliance penalties, poor service levels, and catastrophic outages without effective, nimble cloud governance capabilities. Yet, without proper collaboration and communication across various groups from engineering to finance can make it challenging for organizations to enforce the right governance policies at the right time. According to a recent survey by Stacklet, 38% of respondents stated lack of collaboration amounts to as a top challenge for implementing cloud security controls. Similarly, in a survey by the FinOps Foundation, 39% of the respondents mentioned getting engineers to take action was their top challenge to control and optimize costs.

The new release of Stacklet Platform adds intelligent communications capabilities that leverage cloud resource configuration and policy metadata to automatically route notifications and escalate to the appropriate stakeholders and processes. Customizable notification templates add context for teams to collaborate more effectively and provide precise targeting to resolve potential security risks or cost overruns faster. Recipients can choose channels by email or new integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Symphony instant messaging. Stacklet Platform can also kick off external workflows in tools like Jira and ServiceNow to track issue resolution and schedule periodic reports for compliance and management purposes.

These new capabilities of the Stacklet Platform enable organizations to:

  • Avoid potential breaches and cost overruns: by proactively notifying, providing context, and engaging the right stakeholders to collaborate and take action.
  • Boost team productivity and collaboration: automatically routing governance issues to the right team or individual, eliminating manual workflows, preventing alert fatigue, and enabling communication in the channel of a stakeholder’s choice such as Slack, email, and others.
  • Build a culture of transparency and accountability: by providing archives, granular issue routing and flexible reporting adapted for multiple stakeholders.
  • Rapidly comply with changing regulations: by reducing the mean time to enforce and providing complete visibility.

Stacklet Platform’s new release also includes more out-of-the-box, intelligent analytics, visualization, and contextual drill-down capabilities for various stakeholders to help organizations adopt collaborative governance as code.

“Shifting to governance as code fundamentally helps organizations foster clearer collaboration between development, operations, security, and finance teams on organizational policy enforcement,” said Travis Stanfield. “This release builds on this paradigm by providing intelligent communication and analytics that help enforce governance policies across multiple personas and stakeholders.”

Product Availability

The new collaboration capabilities are now available. For information and to request a demo, go to https://stacklet.io/get-demo-stacklet.

Supporting Resources

About Stacklet

Stacklet was founded by the creator and lead maintainer of Cloud Custodian, an open source cloud native security and governance project used by thousands of well-known global brands today. Stacklet provides the commercial cloud governance platform that accelerates how the Global 2000 manages their security, asset visibility, operations, and cost optimization policies in the cloud. For more information, go to https://stacklet.io or follow @stackletio.


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