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Home Business Wire Esprow Launches ETP S-Box to Streamline API Management

Esprow Launches ETP S-Box to Streamline API Management

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#API–Esprow is excited to announce the launch of its new product, ETP S-Box, designed to make it easier for organizations to manage their FIX APIs.

ETP S-Box is a comprehensive solution for financial institutions looking to streamline their API management process. It is based on the new FIX Orchestra technology standard from the FIX Trading community and acts as a central repository for creating, browsing, editing, and exporting specifications for both FIX and non-FIX protocols. With ETP S-Box, managing various types of message specifications becomes a breeze.

The user-friendly interface allows for easy browsing of all available specifications and the ability to drill down into the definition of messages and fields. Editing, sharing, and exporting to various formats such as PDF and Excel is also made simple. Additionally, ETP S-Box offers a REST API for importing machine-readable message specifications programmatically into other systems, including FIX engines and exchange line handlers.

“API management is becoming increasingly important as more organizations rely on APIs to drive their digital transformation efforts,” said Francesco Lo Conte, CEO of Esprow. “With ETP S-Box, we’re making it easier for companies to manage their FIX APIs, so they can focus on delivering value to their customers.”

ETP S-Box offers a wide variety of features to aid financial institutions in their API management needs. These include: the ability to create and manage APIs, support for a variety of protocols such as FIX, text, and binary, the capability to export API specifications to machine-readable XML formats, and the generation of API specifications from production log files. ETP S-Box also allows for easy integration within FIX trading gateways and CI/CD pipelines and offers role-based access control for added security.

“We’re excited to offer ETP S-Box to our customers,” said Emil Rakadjiev, Platform Architect of Esprow. “It’s the result of months of hard work and collaboration with one of our largest customers to understand their needs and build a product that addresses them.”

ETP S-Box is a must-have tool for those looking to centralize the management of FIX and non-FIX (including proprietary) message protocols specifications, avoiding duplication, and saving time, by utilizing the newest FIX Orchestra technology standard from the FIX Trading community.

ETP S-Box is available immediately. To learn more, visit https://www.esprow.com/etp-s-box.


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