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Vultr Expands Its Cloud Footprint in Latin America with New Capacity in São Paulo and a Start-Up Program for Digital Entrepreneurs

  • Vultr’s latest investment in Latin America includes over 200% capacity expansion in São Paulo to meet growing demand.
  • The launch of the Vultr Cloud Alliance creates a new marketplace of plug-and-play services as an affordable alternative to Big Tech cloud offerings.
  • Vultr’s VIP Digital Startup Program seeks to drive Latin America’s tech hubs to next-level innovation.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vultr, the world’s largest privately held cloud computing company, continues to expand in Latin America to empower digital businesses and address their needs for high-performance cloud infrastructure. Following Vultr’s launch of a new cloud data center in Santiago in January, Vultr continues investing in the region with new capacity expansion in São Paulo. To help catalyze continued growth of digital ecosystems in Latin America, the Vultr team will be in São Paulo to launch its Cloud Alliance and VIP Start Up Program to enable customers to scale and meet their needs at every stage, powering productivity, innovation, and profitable growth for businesses in the region.

As the only global independent cloud with cloud data center locations in Latin America, Vultr’s presence in the region has grown rapidly thanks to a surge in customer and partner demand. The launch of this expanded cloud data center capacity enables Vultr to further close the historical gap in the availability of local and regional cloud computing infrastructure across Central and South America, enabling developers to leverage the latest infrastructure and cloud services.

São Paulo, Latin America’s largest and most well-established entrepreneurial hub, has the highest concentration of Brazilian startups. The Brazilian financial center has a startup economy valued at $108 billion – ranking 28th in the world, according to Startup Genome.

To further fuel the digital revolution in Latin America, Vultr has launched the Vultr Cloud Alliance, which includes a new marketplace of plug-and-play services from leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) providers.

The Cloud Alliance enables digital startups and enterprises to move from legacy technology to cloud-native operations without having to worry about updating infrastructure and operations, creating a digital ecosystem of seamlessly-integrated partners. An affordable, high-performance alternative to Big Tech cloud offerings, the marketplace empowers customers to optimize their cloud strategies by selecting the most suitable solutions to meet their specific needs, driving greater efficiency and growth.

Vultr also offers local tech innovators a VIP Digital Startup Program to help development teams accelerate the build, test and production deployment of new digital applications and AI-assisted services. The program offers up to US $100,000 in free credit for organizations to get started on their Vultr migration, as well as exclusive Vultr executive sponsorship, technical architectural review, recommendations, and consultation. Organizations that have secured recent startup financing can qualify for the program.

For more information on Vultr’s cloud computing solutions and cloud data center locations, visit vultr.com.

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