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Tula Technology to Demonstrate Dynamic Motor Drive® (DMD) at SIA Powertrain 2024 International Congress

Tesla Model 3 Retrofitted with DMD and EESM Available for Test Drives

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DMDTula Technology, Inc., a leader in propulsion efficiency, will once again put its Dynamic Motor Drive® (DMD) technology on the road for automotive engineers, this time at the SIA Powertrain 2024 International Congress in Lille, France on June 19th and 20th.

Tula will be offering conference participants test drives of their Tesla Model 3 retrofitted with an externally excited synchronous motor (EESM) running DMD software to improve the electric vehicle’s efficiency.

DMD is a software-only solution that improves electric drive efficiency with an optimized pulsing strategy while having no perceptible impact on vehicle noise and vibration. Depending on the application, DMD with EESM can reduce energy consumption by up to 3%. DMD’s efficiency improvement can be used to increase vehicle range or to reduce cost of components such as the battery pack or within the electric drive unit.

Rethinking a Tesla Model 3

Tula retrofitted the permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) in a Tesla Model 3 with a Tula-designed wound rotor to create an EESM. Tula then incorporated its proprietary DMD control logic to reduce energy consumption and improve overall system efficiency, proving that improved efficiency coupled with imperceptible operation is possible.

This is the second time Tula has successfully deployed DMD to improve electric vehicle efficiency. In 2022, Tula’s initial DMD application used a Chevrolet Bolt with an unmodified PMSM drive unit. Testing showed that DMD meaningfully improved the Bolt’s energy consumption while maintaining drive quality, demonstrating the value of DMD in PMSM applications.

Where DMD Fits In

When developing powertrains for the future, manufacturers will seek to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and also reduce their dependence on problematic rare earth elements. The highly efficient and cost-effective combination of EESM and DMD supports those goals. And though many motors will still be PMSM, Tula’s DMD technology also provides a high-value efficiency gain there. DMD is a scalable, adaptable and sustainable solution that makes electrified propulsion systems more efficient, accelerating the transition to an electrified future.

About Tula Technology, Inc.

Silicon Valley-based Tula Technology provides innovative award-winning software controls to optimize propulsion efficiency and emissions across the mobility spectrum, including electric, hybrid, gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuel vehicles. Tula’s culture of innovation has resulted in breakthrough technologies and a robust global patent portfolio of more than 400 patents issued and pending. Tula Technology is a privately held company backed by Sequoia Capital, Sigma Partners, Khosla Ventures, GM Ventures, BorgWarner and Franklin Templeton. More information is available at www.tulatech.com.


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