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TrueNorth Partners with RADD LLC to Support Regulatory Compliance for Financial Institutions

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As part of its strategic expansion into the banking and credit union sectors, TrueNorth, a preeminent global financial technology services company, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with RADD LLC, a distinguished compliance consulting and internal audit firm.

This alliance underscores TrueNorth’s commitment to intertwining regulatory compliance seamlessly with its financial technology solution development. By ensuring that regulatory protocols are embedded from inception to product delivery, TrueNorth’s clients can operate with full confidence in the integrity and security of their systems.

“We’re on a mission to revolutionize the financial technology landscape, and our collaboration with RADD enhances our existing reputation for crafting trusted solutions,” commented Alex Gonikman, TrueNorth CEO and Co-Founder. “Our innovative spirit, combined with RADD’s compliance expertise, assures that our products not only lead the market in terms of capability but also in their steadfast compliance. This synergy is vital for both TrueNorth and our clients.”

“At RADD, we prioritize the establishment of a resilient regulatory compliance program that minimizes exposure to compliance-related risks,” added Radhika Lipton, RADD CEO. “This partnership extends this expertise to some of the most exciting companies in financial services right now, and is a reflection of TrueNorth’s own commitment to compliance.”

As creators behind some of the world’s leading fintech software companies, TrueNorth continues to set the bar high. This collaboration with RADD amplifies the value proposition for TrueNorth clients, ensuring they receive a synthesis of innovation and rigorous compliance in every solution.

About TrueNorth

TrueNorth.co is one of the largest and most successful financial technology services companies in the world having built three fintech unicorns from scratch–Upgrade, LendingClub, and Dianrong. The company specializes in enabling digital banking solutions, having built 45 original enterprises, 120 digital transformations and 40 product revamps. TrueNorth’s unique Team Captain client-focused approach enables its most senior engineers to navigate and apply the latest technologies to develop and integrate cutting-edge digital solutions for the financial services industry. TrueNorth is headquartered in New York City, with development centers across the globe, and strategic offices across the U.S.

For more information about TrueNorth, visit www.TrueNorth.co


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