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The Social Institute Unveils #WinAtSocial Insights to Capture, Analyze, and Nurture Student Well-being

Pioneering new tool aggregates meaningful, data-driven insights to help educators understand and take action on student needs and perspectives

DURHAM, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Social Institute today announced a new offering to its innovative #WinAtSocial Curriculum. The new product, called #WinAtSocial Insights, delivers powerful, real-time insight into school culture and student experiences to help school communities make the best decisions for their students.

#WinAtSocial Insights captures data through student responses in #WinAtSocial Lessons and Surveys, then analyzes and shares that data with educators through an easy-to-understand dashboard, with actionable steps to further support students. Educators can use the insights to identify the most significant challenges within their community, inform school policy and communications, and enable high-impact teaching and a healthy learning environment.

“The better you understand your students, the better you can empower them to achieve health, happiness, and future success,” said Laura Tierney, Founder, and CEO of The Social Institute. “These real-time insights will help educators make the best decisions for their school communities and provide students with modern life skills.”

#WinAtSocial Insights will provide student metrics into:

  • Real-time data on how students are feeling/have felt over the last 30 days, and in comparison to the school as a whole and to students across the nation
  • Whether certain student feelings are trending upward or downward
  • When throughout the year students feel most stressed or most drained (broken down by month)
  • Which social media apps are trending at the school level and by various grade levels
  • Device ownership at the school level and by grade level
  • Students’ attitudes about specific topics that can impact school culture
  • How students are navigating certain social experiences — and based on their answers, suggestions for lessons that educators should prioritize

“The more our students experience these lessons, the more we learn about our students,” said Jason Kern, assistant head of school for innovation and learning at All Saints Episcopal School in Tyler, TX. “We all know the health and well-being of our students affect every aspect of their learning and development. The actionable insights provided by this dashboard and the ability to share this data easily with colleagues allow us to improve every area of the learning environment.”

In talking with students and educators, Tierney and her team learned that students often feel there isn’t a constructive way to inform teachers and administrators how they are feeling, both individually and collectively. #WinAtSocial Insights allows students to share their perspectives anonymously, and then it’s aggregated so that educators can see trends and compare the data by grade or even to other schools across the nation, with actionable recommendations educators can take to improve student well-being.

Key Features of #WinAtSocial Insights include:

  • Real-time data capture and analysis, any time of year
  • Ability to leverage an array of filters to view insights by gender, month, and more
  • Easy-to-use dashboards with actionable recommendations
  • Fully integrated survey capability, with customizable surveys

To learn more about how #WinAtSocial Insights can improve school culture and the emotional well-being of students, visit our Insights page.

About The Social Institute

The Social Institute is the leader in understanding student experiences and the creator of #WinAtSocial, a gamified, online learning platform that equips students, educators, and families to navigate social experiences — online and offline — in healthy ways. Our unique, student-respected approach incorporates topics like social media, technology use, and current events that significantly impact student well-being. Lessons teach life skills for the modern day to inspire high-character decisions that support students’ health, happiness, and future success while capturing data that provides insights to school leaders to inform school policy and communications and enable high-impact teaching and a healthy learning environment. For schools, our turnkey technology allows for easy implementation and a comprehensive game plan to support the well-being of school communities.


Jill Dykes

Publicist for The Social Institute

919.749.8488 jill@jilldykespr.com

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