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Sensedia and Cyrano.ai to Share Successful Ethical AI and API Integration at Ai4

Cyrano.ai’s Scott Sandland Presents Tuesday, August 8, 2023

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sensedia, a global leader in delivering API solutions for companies adopting AI through a more digital, connected, and open strategy, today announced an exciting and information presentation from Cyrano.ai’s Founder and CEO, Scott Sandland, featuring Sensedia’s API platform integration with an ethical AI component.

Sensedia is an exhibitor and platinum sponsor of Ai4’s Ethical AI track, where Sandland will present The Intersection Of APIs And LLMs: Customization Unlocking New Risks And Possibilities, Tuesday, August 8, 2023, from 3:35 PM to 3:55 PM PT, in Room 360.

Cyrano.ai is a groundbreaking AI-powered interaction platform that recognizes and responds to the nuances of a conversation based on user input. The AI technology company built a system that pays attention to people as humans do: recognizing their values, priorities, learning style, and commitment. With a foundation in Language Learning Models (LLMs) and a unique API-First approach using Sensedia’s platform and expertise, Cyrano.ai has tapped into new markets, creating value at an unprecedented scale.

Sensedia, with its leadership in API management platforms, was a perfect fit. The partnership allowed Sandland to focus on the business’s core competency — AI development — while Sensedia handled the equally crucial aspects of security and ethical deployment. Sensedia unlocked Cyrano.ai through an API-first strategy and platform, transforming its standalone feature into a value-adding tool that could be quickly integrated into partner customer bases, creating speedy horizontal growth.

Incorporating the highest ethical standards was critical for Sandland and Sensedia during the build. The challenge lay in creating powerful AI models that could ethically integrate with existing systems. Sandland explains, “What I wanted to do was not a ‘move fast and break things, business model,’ the ethics of this matter to me a lot. With our API, we can power emotional influence, and that’s an ethically important thing to get right. Sensedia believed in the mission and understood the reason behind it. That was absolutely game-changing for us.”

Sensedia’s team succeeded in the challenge using an API-first approach. Filipe Torqueto, Sensedia’s Head of US Solutions, shares, “ The beauty of this API-First approach lies in its flexibility: LLMs could be customized and tweaked according to the specific needs and contexts of each client, incorporating ethical considerations and maximizing the value derived from Cyrano.ai’s services. Our platform simplified customization, enabling Cyrano.ai to expose its services effortlessly without friction. We were able to help them retain control over service access, even within a testing environment. With APIs acting as the conduit to connect to these AI models, Cyrano.ai’s customers could easily and securely plug Cyrano.ai’s capabilities into their platforms.”

Building on this successful launch with Cyrano.ai, Sensedia is committed to ethical AI evolution, continuously improving its ‘Responsible APIs’ solution, enabling clients with real-time alerts and proactive monitoring to identify misuse and enhance traffic analysis for smarter identification of invalid terms. Visit Sensedia during Ai4 in the exhibition area, booth 200.

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