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Home Business Wire Sema4 Assumes Management and Control of Melody Capital Partners LP

Sema4 Assumes Management and Control of Melody Capital Partners LP

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sema4, Inc. (“Semaphore”), announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary and SEC registered investment adviser, House Hanover LLC has formally accepted court appointment as the Liquidation Trustee of the parent company that controls Melody Capital Partners, a role that it assumed in August of 2022 pursuant to an agreement with the founding partners, and that was confirmed by an order from the Delaware Chancery Court (C.A. No. 2022-0008-PAF) on February 10, 2023. Melody Capital Partners manages private investment funds that pursued a private lending and credit strategy.

The Melody investment funds are no longer raising or deploying capital, and Semaphore will manage the windup of the Melody investment funds to maximize returns for Melody investors. Semaphore serves in a fiduciary capacity. The Semaphore appointment and assumption of management and control of the Melody private investment funds received unanimous consent of all representatives of the investors of the Melody private investment funds.

About Semaphore

Sema4, Inc. d/b/a Semaphore (www.Sema4USA.com) provides management services to troubled venture capital, private equity, and hedge fund entities. Generally, Semaphore is engaged by limited partners of private investment funds to assist with the winddown of funds nearing the end of life or other complicating situations. Semaphore has significant operational, support and asset management resources to assist with or assume the operation and investment management of funds. Semaphore currently serves in a fiduciary capacity for 11 investment funds and operates an extensive federal and state New Markets Tax Credit program through its subsidiary Pacesetter CDE, Inc. House Hanover, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Semaphore, serves as the SEC registered investment adviser to a business development company and multiple pooled investment vehicles.


Mark DiSalvo, President, Sema4, Inc

Email: mdisalvo@sema4usa.com
Phone: 978 794-3366

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