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New Version of Tridion Unites Web Content, Structured Content and Headless Delivery in Industry First

Semantically empowered headless delivery for both web and structured content drives operational excellence for content-centric organizations

CHALFONT ST PETER, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RWS, a unique, world-leading provider of technology-enabled language, content and intellectual property services, today announces the launch of its next major release of Tridion, RWS’s intelligent content management system. The platform combines web content, structured content and headless delivery in a single solution, making it a game-changer for organizations with heavy content demands.

The new platform helps clients to better orchestrate the creation, management, translation and delivery of content to any digital touchpoint across the entire customer journey. It means that customers, employees and partners can expect a consistent, seamless experience – in their own language – on any device or channel they choose.

“Advanced headless delivery for structured content is best way to make business-critical information accessible on the various digital touchpoints that form part of today’s customer experience. This approach helps global enterprises to deal with the scale and complexity involved in engaging with global audiences, across multiple languages and channels,” says Marci Maddox, Research Vice President for Digital Experience Strategies at IDC.

The latest version of Tridion includes:

  • Headless Delivery – Unparalleled features, such as fine-grained access to content components and semantic modeling of headless content, make it easier than ever to build new front-end experiences, allowing transparent access to all multilingual content managed in the platform.
  • Content Discovery – Building on the existing semantic AI features in Tridion to automatically tag and classify information according to industry or company specific taxonomies, Tridion now also natively provides additional powerful content services such as intelligent content recommendations to further enhance information discovery and findability.
  • Content Security – With further modernized features for access management, authentication and audit trails, Tridion provides extreme protection against cyber threats and helps organizations to comply with ever-increasing pressures from regulatory authorities.
  • User Experience and Workflow – Based on evolving user needs, Tridion’s user interfaces continue to be simplified and aligned with daily user tasks with a direct impact on productivity for both web content and long-form structured content.
  • Content Globalization – Operating across the globe brings myriad operational challenges. Further streamlined translation workflows integrated with RWS’s translation technology speeds up time to market and reduces costs.
  • System Performance – Often underestimated as a key technological feature, speed is of the essence, especially when working with tens of thousands of content items. Tridion has undergone various performance improvements to deal with fast growing data sets.

“Tridion leads the market in combining multilingual structured content management with web content management capabilities, while simultaneously supporting a transition from unstructured to structured content in many industries. Combined with automatic enrichment of information to unleash its value at scale through semantic search and recommendations, it provides a unique differentiator in the market that no competitor can replicate,” says Alex Abey, General Manager of Tridion.

The launch comprises the release of Tridion Docs 15 and Tridion Sites 10, including an updated version of Tridion Dynamic Experience Delivery (DXD) and a new embedded version of Fonto for structured content authoring. The new Tridion platform will be available in July 2023.

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About RWS

RWS Holdings plc is a unique, world-leading provider of technology-enabled language, content and intellectual property services. Through content transformation and multilingual data analysis, our unique combination of technology and cultural expertise helps our clients to grow by ensuring they are understood anywhere, in any language.

Our purpose is unlocking global understanding. By combining cultural understanding, client understanding and technical understanding, our services and technology assist our clients to acquire and retain customers, deliver engaging user experiences, maintain compliance and gain actionable insights into their data and content.

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