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Highline celebrates the completion of construction in the Thumb!

SANDUSKY, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#FiberInternet–Highline, Michigan’s premier Internet Service Provider, is pleased to announce the completion of construction of “The Thumb” service area, now offering fiber broadband to over 8,000 households in Sanilac, Tuscola, Lapeer, and St. Clair counties.

Highline’s state-of-the-art 823-mile fiber optic network was built with a combination of private investment backed by ITC Capital Partners and the FCC’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund grant program. While representing fourteen percent of Highline’s total RDOF location commitment, Highline was able to complete this geographic portion of the network in two years rather than by the end of 2027.

Highline’s service is now changing the lives of families that have long suffered from a poor internet connection and fulfills the FCC’s stated objective of creating networks that will stand the test of time by prioritizing higher network speeds and lower latency so that those benefitting from these networks will be able to use tomorrow’s Internet applications as well as today’s.

“Our construction seasons in Michigan are short, but we are fortunate to have the unwavering support from the County Road and Drain Commissions, the Michigan Department of Transportation, along with the City, Village, and Township leaders of the Thumb.” Moore continued, “A special thank you to our construction partner YCOM/AEG and their talented people who designed and built our network.” said Bruce Moore, Highline’s President and General Manager Midwest.

“This milestone is representative of our ability to execute building fiber networks and delivering an exceptional experience to our customers. Highline is proving we are good stewards of grant dollars, and despite all of the challenges in our industry today, our team is delivering on the commitment to serve rural America.”

“Today’s experience was fantastic, and Jonavon experienced the real household of me being a momma to 3 different age boys that are wonderful needy boys, and the busy lifestyle of the daily needs our brand, new high-speed internet service now allows.” Anita B, Thumb customer.

Please join us Thursday, September 7, at Woodland Hills Banquet Center in Sandusky between the hours of 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. and celebrate the completion of this major milestone in Michigan!

For more information, please go to www.highlinefast.com or call our talented customer service team at 1-888-212-0054.

About Highline:

Highline’s mission is to provide an exceptional internet experience, empowering our customers to work, play, and thrive in a connected world. We believe everyone should have access to the most reliable, fastest internet service at a fair price, regardless of where you live and work. Highline’s heritage companies have been in the telecommunications business for more than 126 years and have built, owned, and operated fiber networks for more than 27 years. Highline currently serves residents’ and businesses’ communication and internet needs in Michigan, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Nebraska, and Texas. Highline is building 10G state-of-the-art, Fiber-to-the-Premise, lightning-fast networks to provide Gigabit internet service to tens of thousands of homes and businesses across the country that are currently unserved, underserved, and unhappily served.

About ITC Capital Partners, LLC

It was formed based upon the successful investment history of the ITC Holding Company, LLC , founded in 1896. ITC Capital Partners, LLC invests in entrepreneurs whose ideas and values are consistent with those of our founders. We partner with innovative leaders with unique ideas and strong management teams and demonstrate the ability to assist us in achieving our strategic goal of a minimum long-term return to our shareholders of 20% annually. Our success results from a well-defined strategic vision, informed analysis, and experienced management.

Providing equity investments and professional management from within our own family of investors, ITC Capital Partners has a solid, proven track record and a bright future.

About Y-COM

Y-COM’s business is focused on providing full service to the utility industry and is dedicated to delivering projects on time, within budget, and to our customers’ complete satisfaction. Y-COM continues to “set the standard” for excellence.


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