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“Hey AccuWeather” is your new conversational companion for everything weather

Native Voice’s Powerful Voice-enabled AI Technology Will Transform the AccuWeather Experience on the Go

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Conversational AI leader, Native Voice, together with AccuWeather, the most recognized and most used source of weather forecasts and warnings in the world, today announce the arrival of the new “Hey AccuWeather” conversational voice experience. Now, the proven most accurate weather forecasts in the world can be accessed directly by voice.

Simply by saying, “Hey AccuWeather,” anyone using the Native Voice app with an Onn. FM Transmitter from Walmart, can now get fast and hands-free access to a world of weather.

Using its proprietary Native Voice framework, coupled with the power of Large Language Models, Native Voice has developed a conversational AI experience that engages users in the most natural of ways. Users might ask whether they need an umbrella before going out, what clothes to wear on a hike, or check the weather for an upcoming vacation.

Native Voice CEO & Founder, John Goscha, said,

“1.5b people already trust AccuWeather for the most accurate weather intelligence available, but sometimes interacting with a screen isn’t possible or desirable, especially when on the go. This is why we partnered with AccuWeather to develop the first direct, voice-enabled AI interface to the unparalleled weather intelligence of AccuWeather. As we set about to do this, it was important to leave the bad old days of rote-learned requests and robotic responses behind, which is where our new Native Voice LLM-based AI framework comes in, delivering a true conversational interface; anything you ask about weather, we can understand and respond in the most relevant and helpful manner.”

AccuWeather delivers weather information for every longitude and latitude point on earth, combining over 190 forecast models, interpreted by over 100 expert meteorologists, to forecast accurately for over 3.5 million locations.

Owners of the Onn. FM Transmitter can access “Hey AccuWeather” on the go in the car via the in-car accessory (alongside other voice-enabled AIs like “Hey iHeart” and “Hey TuneIn,” also developed by Native Voice).

About Native Voice

Native Voice builds conversational AIs for the world’s leading brands and make them available to consumers on its network of millions of devices. Users can get more done using just their voice to unlock multiple voice assistants, like Alexa and Siri, and the brands that are developing their own branded voice AIs, like iHeart and TuneIn. Founded in 2020 by John Goscha, Native Voice is the distribution solution for voice-enabled AI, delivering multi-voice connectivity via the Native Voice SDK, accessible across connected devices. Native Voice can also support those brands that do not already have a conversational AI experience with its design and build. To learn more about Native Voice, go to www.nativevoice.ai


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