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HealthPlan Data Solutions expands product portfolio with the integration of RevealRx to streamline payers’ member outreach and improve patient outcomes

– HDS launches second SaaS-based solution, RevealRx, utilizing pharmacy claims data to provide payer pharmacy and quality teams with the tools to drive more targeted patient outreach in less time

– RevealRx leverages several data sources, including daily pharmacy claims feeds and eligibility files, to centralize relevant member data in one place that streamlines care management workflows

– Payers can reduce the time associated with campaign creation by more than 50% and start working cases faster while ensuring they engage with the right patients at the right time

COLUMBUS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HealthPlan Data Solutions, Inc. (HDS) today announced the integration and launch of their second SaaS-based product offering, RevealRx. As customers continue to demand a seamless, personalized healthcare experience, targeted member outreach campaigns have become critical for today’s health plans to master. By connecting with the right patients at the right time, payers can positively impact their members’ experience, mitigate the risks associated with avoidable adverse events, and drive improvement to their quality ratings, such as Medicare STARs and CAHPS measures.

Despite its growing importance, many organizations still rely on a combination of static spreadsheets and access databases to manage outreach efforts. While these processes may represent the industry status quo, they often drive limited value and lead to substandard campaign execution. With members receiving duplicate calls or engaging with care managers armed with outdated patient data, this unintentional, but uncoordinated execution can contribute to a negative member experience at the expense of wasted staff time.

With the launch of RevealRx, payers can leverage their daily pharmacy claims file, formularies, member eligibility files, and more to help their quality teams create, execute, and track all their member outreach activities in one dynamic platform. By automatically enrolling and disenrolling members using RevealRx’s universal interface, payers can be assured that the data feeding their case managers is accurate helping them reduce the time lost from duplicate and unproductive calls.

Nick Trego, PharmD and HealthPlan Data Solutions SVP of Clinical Analytics and Client Services says, “RevealRx is one of our most exciting new product offerings because it sits at the nexus of operational efficiency and quality improvement. With RevealRx, health plans can drive tremendous operational value through their quality programs by customizing outreach campaigns to mitigate avoidable clinical risks and attract new members to their plans through improved quality measures.”

A detailed overview of HDS solutions can be found here and prospective customers are encouraged to contact us to schedule a demo.

About HealthPlan Data Solutions

HealthPlan Data Solutions (HDS) is an industry leading pharmacy analytics company that specializes in providing payment integrity solutions, campaign management, and pharmacy claims insights. Our technology platform, Spotlight, leverages over 250 proprietary claim scanning algorithms and AI, matched with clinical expertise to provide actionable pharmacy benefit intelligence.

Founded by a team of pharmacists and IT professionals, HDS helps our customers identify, fix, and continuously monitor prescription claims data to maximize the value of their pharmacy benefit plans.


Jeff Baldetti, Vice President, Marketing and Products jeff.baldetti@hds-rx.com

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