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Hamilton Reserve Bank Prevails Against Fraudulent Websites, Illegal Phishing Activities

NEVIS, Saint Kitts and Nevis–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#HamiltonReserveBank–Hamilton Reserve Bank, today announced that it has taken immediate legal actions against fraudulent websites impersonating Hamilton Reserve Bank (“Bank”)’s authentic website, which is: www.hrbank.com.

The Bank has recently discovered certain spoofing sites and obscure blogs soliciting customer social security numbers, bank account passwords, date of birth, family details, and other private data. The Bank urges customers and counterparties from around the world to remain vigilant about the sources of fake websites and bogus “news stories.”

Hamilton Reserve Bank has reported the criminal activities to law enforcement and regulators, taking a firm stand against fake websites and made-up content. For example, bogus websites have misled the public about the Bank’s normal business by fabricating sensational stories using PDF-modified, fake government documents.

“We take the reputation of our bank and that of our counterparties very seriously,” said the Rt. Hon. Sir Tony Baldry, barrister, and Chairman of Hamilton Reserve Bank. “These fraudulent posts are phishing attempts to harm bank customers. At no time has the Bank’s system integrity been compromised. The false information originates in Asia and law enforcement is actively tracking them. We will hold these bad actors to account.”

The Bank’s business around the world, from Puerto Rico to Asia, is growing rapidly with solid customer onboarding and healthy transaction flow. The Bank is in touch with law enforcement to identify and remove online criminal content.

Hamilton Reserve Bank has won many awards, including being named by Temenos, the world’s largest core banking software provider as a featured “Success Story.”

Hamilton Reserve Bank has a pristine BSA/AML/KYC compliance record, a fortress balance sheet, 24/7 digital banking, and data security assured by biometric verification. Apply for a bank account online.

About Hamilton Reserve Bank

HAMILTON RESERVE BANK (www.hrbank.com; SWIFT: NIBTKNNE) is an award-winning global bank with a deep British heritage as the hometown bank of America’s founding father, Alexander Hamilton (born 1755), serving a large and rapidly expanding clientele from 100 countries. Powered by Straight-Through Processing Temenos technology, HRB has achieved fully compliant customer onboarding via biometric verification, real-time transaction monitoring, and 24/7 e-banking. Headquartered on a sprawling bank campus, the Hamilton Reserve Bank Plaza in Nevis, Hamilton Reserve Bank is the largest global bank in the entire region with worldwide client support.


Anthony Gajor, Hamilton Reserve Bank


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