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Firemark AI Revolutionizes Wildfire Prediction and Management with Remarkable 90% Accuracy

CALGARY, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Skymount Global, a pioneering technology company, is thrilled to introduce Firemark AI, an innovative Wildfire Prediction platform that is set to reshape the landscape of wildfire management. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Firemark AI has unveiled a ground-breaking solution that can accurately forecast wildfire events up to 30 days in advance, boasting an unparalleled accuracy rate of up to 90%. As the fire event draws nearer, the platform’s precision becomes even more refined, offering unmatched accuracy to facilitate proactive wildfire management and prevention efforts. The inaugural version of Firemark AI is slated for release to qualified groups by mid-September 2023.

Traditional methods of wildfire prediction often rely on historical data and meteorological models, often leading to errors and insufficient time for effective response. Recognizing the gravity of this challenge, Firemark AI has harnessed the potential of AI and advanced machine learning algorithms to create an evolutionary platform capable of delivering timely and precise wildfire predictions.

Emergency response teams, governmental agencies, utility providers, insurance companies, and communities now have at their disposal Firemark AI—an indispensable tool that can profoundly enhance their wildfire management strategies. By foreseeing fire events up to 30 days in advance, stakeholders can proactively allocate resources, devise evacuation plans, and implement preventive measures to safeguard lives, property, and the environment.

“Given the great need to protect lives, property, and resources, it is an imperative that we revolutionize our approach to predict, detect, and control wildfires,” said Richard J. Barbalace, CEO of Ailectric, LLC, a founding partner to Firemark AI.

In collaboration with Columbia Lake Technology Center (CLTC) in Canal Flats BC, Firemark AI has access to thousands of acres of forested land, serving as its testing ground. CLTC, known for its collaboration with tech start-ups, recognizes Firemark AI’s high growth potential and has positioned itself to support such innovative companies.

“As climate change continues to intensify, wildfires pose an escalating threat to global communities,” stated Zubin Kothawala, CEO of Skymount Global. “The convergence of rising temperatures, prolonged droughts, and shifting weather patterns has created conditions conducive to the rapid proliferation and intensification of wildfires. The urgency for effective wildfire prediction and management has never been more pronounced. With an estimated total carbon footprint of 270 million tonnes in 2021 (Canada2021), wildfire emissions were the leading source of greenhouse gases that year—equivalent to the emissions of 60 million cars over a year.”

Skymount Global stands at the forefront of this battle, armed with a revolutionary technology that has the potential to save lives, safeguard ecosystems, and mitigate the economic repercussions of catastrophic wildfire events. Furthermore, as part of its commitment to advancing ground-breaking technologies, Skymount Global is actively engaged in a strategic capital raise to further propel the growth and development of Firemark AI. The company recognizes the importance of securing the necessary resources to accelerate the deployment of this game-changing wildfire prediction platform and amplify its global impact. Skymount Global invites investors and partners who share the vision of revolutionizing wildfire management to join in this endeavor and contribute to the realization of a safer and more sustainable future.

To discover more about Firemark AI’s Wildfire Prediction platform, visit https://skymount.com/firemark.

About Skymount Global

Skymount Global is the parent company of Firemark AI. Committed to innovation and technology, Skymount Global boasts multiple customized AI platforms designed to enhance efficiency in time and cost. Among these platforms are a forestry app and a wildlife protection platform.


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