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Effortless e-Discovery: ArmorText Launches Enhanced RSMF Support

MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ArmorText is thrilled to unveil enhanced support for the Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF), optimized for e-Discovery needs.

The DOJ, SEC, and other global authorities have recently made it clear, organizations need to meet business records retention requirements even when using ephemeral messaging. Given this position, legal, compliance, and e-discovery teams might be wary of allowing end-to-end encrypted messaging designed for consumers into their environments.

ArmorText, a leading force in Secure Out of Band Collaboration™, has long offered a secure yet streamlined solution for this dilemma to enterprises to address high-stakes scenarios when enhanced security and compliance are both desired—e.g. incident response, security operations, and executive communications.

This announcement zeroes in on empowering legal, compliance, and e-discovery teams within the enterprise, and comes on the heels of our recent introductions of Crisis Response Reserve Capacity and Secure Gateway, which addressed critical requirements for Business Continuity and IT/OT teams.

ArmorText enables review of end-to-end encrypted retained archives without leaving the tool. But, at times it can become necessary to ingest communications into e-Discovery tools for broader review. Enhanced support for RSMF is a part of ArmorText’s ongoing commitment to make the adoption of end-to-end encryption for sensitive communications seamless for enterprises.

RSMF was designed as a specialized format for diverse types of communication, such as SMS, chat, and emails. It enables streamlined rendering of conversations, complete with attachments, pictures, reactions, events, and emojis. In the past, e-Discovery professionals had two less-than-ideal choices: either manually track these elements across spreadsheets—a labor-intensive and error-prone method that often stripped conversations of their natural context—or resort to custom scripts to transform and reassemble exported data for ingestion by e-Discovery platforms.

Although the RSMF format isn’t new, most collaboration tools don’t support it in a way that takes advantage of its capabilities and creates a lot of the same problems as previous solutions did. ArmorText has supported JSON exports for years, and now, with enhanced RSMF support, all e-Discovery exports from ArmorText preserve connections between conversations, messages, and attachments. This enables effortless reconstruction and easy viewing of exported audit trails.

“I wish Microsoft would export like this as this looks better than the Teams data we process,” shared the Director of eDiscovery for a global financial institution.

The Head of Discovery and Information Governance at a Global Carrier elaborated, “I can’t think of a head of e-Discovery that wouldn’t be overjoyed with this suite of options. I’ve been asking our firm’s vendors for these features for years. ArmorText has thought this through more than companies that are many, many times larger than them.”

Navroop Mitter, ArmorText CEO, reflected: “Every enhancement we make is driven by a clear objective: to add real value to our client’s processes. In today’s changing regulatory environment, we aim to make the adoption of secure, end-to-end encrypted communications a comfort rather than a concern for legal and compliance teams.”

Matt Calligan, ArmorText’s Director of Growth Markets, emphasized: “At ArmorText, we bring together security and operational efficiency. Our enhanced RSMF support is proof that our clients can have the best of both worlds—strong encryption and seamless compliance.”

Organizations can now be confident that their investments in secure collaboration will not later become obstacles or incur added costs when meeting e-Discovery obligations. It’s another step forward by ArmorText to ensure that security measures don’t come at the cost of efficiency or compliance.

To learn more about ArmorText’s suite of offerings and how they can help your organization or to schedule a demo, please visit www.armortext.com.

About ArmorText

ArmorText is a premier provider of Secure Out of Band Collaboration™ solutions, safeguarding sensitive communications for critical infrastructure entities around the globe. Unique in its approach, ArmorText allows organizations to retain end-to-end encrypted archives entirely in the cloud, eliminating the need for on-premise or self-hosted components. With a suite of innovative solutions, ArmorText enables robust security, adept crisis response, and uncompromised business continuity.

Trusted by banking, utilities, healthcare, oil & gas, manufacturing, defense industrial base, governments, and other critical sectors, ArmorText safeguards communication for organizations worldwide, including energy providers supplying over 80% of all American household power and financial institutions with $2 trillion in AUM. These organizations leverage ArmorText to secure day-to-day security operations, incident response, and collective defense through threat intelligence knowledge sharing.

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