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DreamFactory Revolutionizes API Generation for Developers with New Brand, Platform Upgrades, and Empowering Vision

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DreamFactory Software, the fastest and most secure on-premise API generation platform, announced today its new visual identities, major platform upgrades, and a refreshed positioning.

The new brand identity not only signifies DreamFactory’s renewed sense of purpose and dedication but embodies a visionary leap forward in helping companies and developers seamlessly conquer one of IT’s most formidable challenges – data integration. With this launch, DreamFactory empowers developers to break free from the shackles of mundane tasks, unleashing their creative potential and paving the way for extraordinary digital experiences.

By placing scalability and security enhancements at its forefront, DreamFactory is recommitting itself to its core mission of being the go-to developer-focused API Generation platform,” said Terence Bennett, CEO at DreamFactory. “This announcement marks yet another milestone in DreamFactory’s evolution as a pioneer in API generation.”

Today’s announcement marks another milestone in the evolution of DreamFactory. Current and future customers will reap multiple benefits from this launch, including:

  • New & updated: Pricing page, Playground, and Interactive Demo
  • DreamFactory AMI is available from the AWS marketplace
  • Docker deployment updated to include PostgresDB with sample data for rapid testing
  • Federal Secure Docker image maintained by ChainGuard
  • Updated connectors: Snowflake, DB2, and Oracle now available
  • Support for Ubuntu 22 and Firebird v4 has been added
  • Rapid Kubernetes support via EKS

I am absolutely thrilled by the immense possibilities this rebrand unlocks,” said Donal Tobin, CEO at Integrate.io. “From the beginning, our vision has been to empower businesses with the seamless integration capabilities they need to thrive in the digital era. This exciting chapter in DreamFactory’s journey is set to amplify our impact and reshape the landscape of API generation. We remain deeply committed to fueling digital transformation and equipping organizations with the tools to unlock their true potential.”

Visit www.dreamfactory.com to explore the new website, try the new free-to-use interactive demo, and learn more about API generation.

About DreamFactory Software

DreamFactory Software is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based software company. DreamFactory develops both commercial and open-source software that provides a self-hosted integration platform-as-a-service to multiple applications in cloud-based or on-premise environments. DreamFactory can be deployed on-premise or in the company’s cloud environment.

From Government agencies in the United States and abroad to Fortune 500 companies and everything in between, DreamFactory is powering business-critical APIs that empower organizational leadership and keep their production systems alive.


Kent Dong

Head of Marketing


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