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causaLens releases open-source framework to build causal AI applications

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AutoML–The London-based pioneer of Causal AI expands their offering by unveiling Dara, the first framework to build apps powered by Causal AI, in pure Python. The release of Dara complements causaLens’ product decisionOS, enhancing its users’ enterprise decision-making capabilities.

Dara, which signifies “pearls of wisdom”, empowers data scientists and engineers to tap into the power of causality by transforming ​​their data into interactive causal graphs, allowing them to visualize and explore their information to gain valuable insights. In this way, they can acquire a deeper understanding of the cause-effect relationships that drive their business problems. The high performing web apps built through Dara are highly customizable, extensible, scalable and can be easily integrated with the users’ existing tech stack.

The framework is designed to empower data scientists to work in the way they’re used to, with a programming language they are fluent in, to produce effective, visually appealing applications that their business can use to make superior decisions.

Dara has already been used to develop hundreds of interactive decision-making web apps, both by causaLens’ own in-house teams, as well as many of their current customers.


Alejandro Ortega Ancel


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