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Bloomreach Announces Clarity™: The First E-Commerce AI to Connect Every Customer to Personalized, Human-Like Product Expertise — Anytime, Anywhere

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bloomreach, the platform fueling limitless e-commerce experiences, today announced a revolutionary conversational shopping product built for a new world of e-commerce. Powered by the latest advancements in generative AI and large language models (LLMs), Bloomreach Clarity™ engages with shoppers to deliver personalized, human-like product expertise straight from their favorite brands. Businesses connect these conversations directly to their product catalogs, and can seamlessly integrate individual conversations across every channel, including website, chat, SMS, and more. A first look at Bloomreach Clarity can be seen during the company’s Edge Summit, live streaming today at 9:00 AM PT.

Even as online shopping has grown in recent years, untapped potential remains — e-commerce only accounted for 21% of total retail sales in 2022. Yet unlocking that potential remains a challenge for businesses; a need for guidance often causes shoppers to delay or abandon purchases while they visit stores or conduct time-consuming online research. Generative AI has illuminated a new path forward, creating a way for businesses to give customers the clarity they need during their online shopping journey instantly and at scale.

Until today, e-commerce technology has never been able to replicate human expertise within the shopping experience — and certainly not at scale. We’re changing that with Bloomreach Clarity, connecting a business’s best product expert with every customer, on demand,” said Raj De Datta, co-founder and CEO, Bloomreach. “Powered by a deep understanding of each individual shopper and every product in a business’s catalog, this is more than conversational shopping, it’s product expertise for every customer. Clarity is going to drive truly authentic, cross-channel conversations that turn every potential purchase into one made with confidence.”

Bloomreach Clarity is built upon a powerful real-time customer data engine and trained on more than a decade of commerce data. This gives it a unique understanding of how customers shop and how products perform — globally, based on Bloomreach’s rich data and smart AI, and at the individual level, based on a business’s real-time data. As a result, while Clarity is showing customers relevant information and products, it’s also prioritizing what it knows they’ll actually buy — helping businesses drive fast growth.

Clarity also offers control and optimizations for businesses as they introduce this conversational experience to customers, including:

  • The ability for merchandisers to combine their instinct and expertise with the speed and scale of AI
  • Real-time targeting that allows Clarity to prompt conversations based on a customer’s current journey or specific segment
  • Personalized conversations, even for unknown visitors based on browsing behavior
  • The ability to refine conversations using brand guidelines and tone of voice

Bloomreach Clarity is introducing customers to a new way of shopping and offering businesses limitless opportunities for growth. Sign up for the waitlist to join the conversation before it begins.

About Bloomreach

Bloomreach personalizes the e-commerce experience. It unifies real-time customer and product data so businesses understand what customers really want. By connecting that understanding to every channel, the e-commerce experience becomes limitless — continuously reflecting a changing customer as they shop. With the scale of AI, this creates endless new paths to purchase, greater profitability, and fast business growth. Bloomreach products include: Engagement, a marketing automation platform; Discovery, an e-commerce search solution; and Content, a headless content management system. The company has multiple AI patents and serves 850+ global brands including: Albertsons, Bosch, Puma, and Marks & Spencer. Visit www.bloomreach.com for more information.


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