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$20m in New Funding for Adarga AI Signals Strategic Imperative of Geopolitical Risk Intelligence

Investment will accelerate growth as Adarga delivers mission-critical AI software

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Adarga, the London-based AI software leader, today announced that it has secured $20 million in new funding for its market-defining information intelligence platform.

Adarga’s technology is delivering decision advantage to a wide and growing global customer base. The latest funding round will support Adarga’s rapidly accelerating growth as it addresses the integral need for defence, national security and commercial organisations to interpret fast-proliferating, worldwide information sources at breakneck speed. In today’s increasingly complex geopolitical environment, this is a vital capability if they are to understand emerging threats, mitigate risk and remain competitive.

Adarga Founder and CEO Rob Bassett Cross MC said: “I’m delighted that we’ve secured funding to drive the continued development of our product and delivery of our mission. To have attracted investment now is a strong testament to the urgent need and overwhelming demand for our ground-breaking information intelligence tools to augment decision-making. I’m immensely proud of the company-wide sense of purpose that’s inspiring powerful AI innovation to strengthen our national security and increase the resilience of our commercial customers in today’s complicated threat-landscape.”

The round was led by BOKA Group, a US-based holding company focused on category leaders across the deep tech sector, including cutting-edge technologies that advance military and commercial markets. This follows Adarga’s expanding success, deeply rooted in its defence and national security heritage, with customers including the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. Critically, its software is supporting the UK and its allies to achieve information advantage in the new age of great power competition.

The company has nearly doubled in size over the past year and has expanded into both Australia and the USA in response to growing market demand. Its commercial growth now spans beyond defence and national security. It has secured contracts in the wider public sector, and with leading multinational enterprises looking to stay ahead of fast-evolving situations as increasing geopolitical uncertainty introduces new and significant financial and non-financial risks.

Adarga’s artificial intelligence-driven platform performs the heavy-lifting involved with information processing. It enables analysts and researchers to produce faster and higher quality outputs from the overwhelming volumes of in-house and open-source data at their disposal. It constantly extracts, translates, summarises and connects millions of pieces of information automatically, ready for sophisticated interrogation and analysis – with full transparency.

The platform helps organisations to build a dynamic risk picture, contextualised with their organisational knowledge and learnings, to drive more confident decision-making. Leaders in natural language processing, machine learning and network science technology, Adarga is proud to be operating at the forefront of the UK’s flourishing AI community.

BOKA Group’s managing director John James said: “Adarga is serving some of the world’s most demanding customers, providing an essential strategic capability that meets their deep and mission-critical requirements to make sense of vast and disparate information. We are proud to be supporting their vital work as they spearhead the market with world-class AI technology that genuinely sets them apart from other players in the industry.”

About Adarga

Adarga is a UK-based artificial intelligence (AI) leader specialising in information intelligence. Its market-defining Knowledge Platform enables public and private sector companies to unlock valuable and often mission-critical insight from the huge volumes of in-house and open-source information at their disposal – extracting and connecting millions of data points in context and presenting them in comprehensible formats.

Its sophisticated and expansive interrogation tools help analysts, researchers and planners to accelerate research and reporting, perform complex situational analysis and understand intricate networks to inform better decision-making. The platform is designed to create more time for specialist human analysis and to increase the speed and quality of outputs. This enables organisations to more rapidly identify threats and opportunities, mitigate risk, and gain a competitive edge. The platform is underpinned by a unique combination of natural language processing, machine learning and network science. Adarga is committed to the transparent, responsible and trustworthy development of AI.

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